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Marci Muir

Commercial Sales Director

Marci is the Commercial Sales Director for Gotcha Covered at the corporate office. With this position, she has been able to leverage herself and offer assistance in a few different areas. She has been in this industry since she was 14 years old. Her background has been in sales and installation for residential and commercial projects. This industry has allowed her the opportunity to travel and enjoy the fruits of her labor. She has made a lot of connections along the way and always loved learning about new and inventive products. She also take pleasure in self-reflection and being someone that can provide solutions and suggestions based on her past experience as well as offer different options and treatments for window coverings. She has always been interested in design, management, ownership and architecture. She has been able to achieve her dreams by pursuing her degrees and chasing her interests. She still has a passion for what she does and the products and services Gotcha Covered provides.

Her job not only signifies her achievements, but she take pride in what she does and this industry. So much so that you may see her looking at window coverings when she drives by a building. There are many opportunities in this business and she welcomes everyone to this industry as it has been quite a journey for her thus far. As people become more familiar with the Gotcha Covered brand, they are inviting the brand into their private lives and trust that Gotcha Covered can provide them exemplary service, products, a name they can trust.