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Window Blinds in Sarasota

Learn About the Options at Gotcha Covered of Sarasota

What do you think of when you think of your window blinds? Cheap, plastic or thin metal shades don’t add a value or beauty to your room. What if we told you that you could change your old, worn out blinds to custom, perfectly-designed, functional window blinds that add new life and aesthetic value to your home? At Gotcha Covered of Sarasota, our blinds do exactly that!

Gotcha Covered offers a comprehensive catalog of custom blinds that are durable, beautiful, and affordable. Our design consultants will happily come to your home, meet with you, and discuss your perfect window treatment solution.

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We Offer a Full Range of Blind Styles

While most people don’t think twice about the blinds in their rooms, the truth is that blinds have evolved a lot over the years to become a lot more. Modern-day blinds come in a wide range of colors, designs, and aesthetic qualities that allow you to completely customize the look of your room. And most styles are available in just about every price range.

Gotcha Covered of Sarasota is proud to offer the following types of blinds:

If you don’t know what type of blinds you want, that’s perfectly fine! There are so many options available to choose from that most people don’t even know where to begin. That’s where our design consultants come in: we’re happy to meet with you, look over your home, and then discuss your options with you to help you find the perfect solution to enhance your home’s look and beauty.

Meet Our Team of Design Experts

Experience Superior Blind & Window Treatment Service

Gotcha Covered takes great pride in the service we offer our customers. We’re not about simply trying to sell as many window treatments and covering options as quickly as we can—that approach leads to dissatisfaction and unhappy customers. Instead, we take the time to get to know you and learn what it is you’re looking for. We want you to be happy with your decision and know you’ve made the perfect choice. We don’t consider the job done on our end until you’re completely satisfied, and we do whatever it takes to make sure you are.

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