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Drapery & Curtains
Drapery & Curtains

Custom Drapery & Curtains in West Austin

Your Needs. Your Vision. Our Guidance.

The experts at Gotcha Covered of West Austin are here to help you design your dream window treatment solution for any living space you can think of! Using drapes and curtains, our window treatment design experts can add new levels of design and elegance to any room! Depending on the level of customization you are looking for, and what goal you are looking to accomplish in your space, we offer a few types of custom draperies and curtains:

  • Sheer
  • Panel
  • Fabric

Our design experts can help you establish exactly what you are looking to accomplish with your room’s custom draperies and curtains, as well as any design preferences you may have!

If you’re ready to start designing your window treatment solution, give us a call at (512) 361-4972 today!

Benefits of Draperies & Curtains

Many homeowners choose to layer draperies and curtains to add a new sense of design and elegance to a room. Everything is customizable, so you can decide on the fabric, drawstrings, and other specific details with your expert Gotcha Covered designer.

Here are some benefits of adding draperies or curtains to your home:

  • Light Control – Whether you want a little sun to shine through the fabric or you decide to go with black-out curtains, your draperies and curtains can be used for ultimate light control.
  • Design – Just like our other window treatments, our draperies and curtains can be personalized to fit your specific design and vision for your room. Additionally, these can be layered for additional design.
  • Privacy – If you are looking for ultimate privacy, curtains allow you to completely block your window from being seen into or out of.
  • Window Insulation – Did you know that 50% of heated or cooled indoor air escapes through our home’s windows? Depending on the type of fabric used, you may be able to increase your home’s window insulation using these window treatments.

Whether you’re looking for your home or business, a custom curtain or drapery can change the whole feel of your room. These window treatments allow you to play with the type and thickness of the fabric, so you can decide on exactly how you would like your living or working space to feel and look.

If you’re ready to connect with one of our expert designers, give us a call at (512) 361-4972 or click here to request an appointment!

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