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Shutters in Columbus, OH

Some say that shutters originated back in ancient Greece when homeowners used marble and stone louvers to manage the sunlight. Others claim that modern shutters were an English adaptation with movable louvers that helped manage the wind and the sunlight.

The modern shutter came to the U.S. from the Spanish and were very popular in the South due to the heat (hence the term plantation shutter). Since those days, shutters have expanded across the U.S. and throughout Canada.

Today, shutters are considered to be perhaps the most desirable window treatments available because of the functionality and aesthetics that they bring to your home or office. Some even refer to shutters as 'furniture for your windows'.

The Service You Deserve

At Gotcha Covered of NW Columbus, we believe in offering exceptional value. From your initial consultation to your installation appointment, you can expect great customer service every step of the way. We go out of our way to offer an impressive selection of shutters; and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have so that you come away feeling comfortable with the option you choose.

Invest in your property with durable shutters from Gotcha Covered of NW Columbus. Call now for more information about the products we have to offer.

Custom Wood Shutters

Like the richness of wood? Guaranteed to boost your home value and add a richness to any room, wood shutters from Gotcha Covered of NW Columbus add architectural appeal. The design elements that distinguish our wood shutters are found in the details: details like hand-sanded louvers, exquisite furniture finishes and our specialty multiple coat painting technique. And our unique sanding process is really where the competition is left behind in the sawdust: our wood shutters are expertly passed through 3 separate sanding stages to achieve a piano-smooth look and feel.

Beyond the great looks, here are more reasons to consider choosing custom wood shutters for your home:

  • Custom Paint/Stain. Any finish you desire for your wood shutters to match your décor can be achieved by Gotcha Covered. Get the best of both worlds when the classic look of wood combines with your custom color scheme.
  • Hidden Tilt. The classic look for wooden shutters is to have the tilt bar running down the middle in front of the louvers. If you would rather a clean look that has an unobstructed view, your shutters can have the tilt bar moved out of sight.
  • Safety Benefits. Wooden shutters have no cords, and are operated with the simple lifting or lowering of the tilt bar. This design makes them a safe choice for homes with young children or pets.
  • Mechanization. Should you desire to combine a modern convenience with the classic shutter look, consider adding motorization to your installation. Motorized shutters can be opened and closed with just the push of a button on a remote control.
  • Unique Openings. Because your wood shutters are custom made, they can be designed to fit perfectly into any odd-sized window openings your home may have.
  • Divider Rails. If adding wood shutters to a tall window, consider using divider rails to add functionality and stability. When divider rails are installed, the top and bottom sections of the shutters are able to be operated independently of each other.
  • Off Set Tilt Bar. Should you desire a clean view through your window, but the convenience of the front-mounted tilt bar, have an offset tilt bar added. This way, the bar is off to either the left or right side of the shutters and the view is less obstructed while maintaining ease of use.

Vinyl Shutters

If you need the most durable shutter that is easy to clean, consider vinyl shutters by Gotcha Covered of NW Columbus. Our vinyl shutters are designed with an exclusive, hollow Polyresin3® construction, meaning pockets of air are designed into the vinyl louver frame parts. These air pockets keep the individual pieces of the shutter system from transferring energy as quickly as solid construction would. They let you save on your heating and cooling bills and are environmentally smart.

Combine classic and contemporary with vinyl shutters. Features include:

  • Waterproof. Great for areas with high humidity, vinyl shutters will not be affected by repeated exposure to damp air.
  • Easy to Clean. Vinyl shutters wipe off with a simple mix of soap and water and a hand towel. No specialized chemicals or treatments required.
  • Child Safe. The lack of corded operation makes vinyl shutters safe for homes where children are present. Also, the durable construction of vinyl means they can stand up to the beating children sometimes dole out to home furnishings.
  • Divider Rails. Vinyl shutters can be installed with divider rails to separate movement from top and bottom halves. The presence of a divider rail also makes the operation of the shutters more stable.
  • Light Blocking. When closed, vinyl shutters fit together perfectly and block nearly all light from the outside.
  • Insulating. In addition to blocking light, vinyl shutters also help insulate a home when closed. They do a great job of keeping heat out in the summer, and keeping the heat in during the winter.
  • Permanent Finish. Vinyl will not fade, crack, discolor or otherwise change appearance throughout the life of its use.
  • Color Options. Order your vinyl shutters in any of a variety of colors to perfectly fit your needs.

PolyCORE Shutters

Are you looking for shutters that will stand up to even the harshest climates and are virtually indestructible? Then PolyCORE shutters from Gotcha Covered of NW Columbus may be an ideal fit for your décor. PolyCORE shutters have the elegance and quality of plantation shutters, but are far easier to clean and maintain. They will not split, crack, warp or discolor and are moisture and fire resistant.

If the following features fit your needs, PolyCORE shutters may be the choice for you:

  • Louver Size Choices. Order your PolyCORE shutters in your favorite of three louver sizes to achieve the exact look you desire.
  • Aluminum Reinforced. The main parts of PolyCORE shutters - louvers, rails, stiles –are reinforced with aluminum to ensure they remain perfectly straight even after years of use.
  • Elegant Profile. The louvers on PolyCORE shutters have an elliptical profile which looks great from up close or from a distance.
  • Durability. PolyCORE shutters can be installed in the harshest environments in a home, the kitchen and the bathrooms. Even the warm, moist air will not cause these shutters to warp, bend, or crack.
  • Easy to Clean. No specialized supplies are needed - clean PolyCORE shutters with any non-abrasive cleaner and wipe down. They will as good as new time after time.
  • Fire Rating. PolyCORE shutters possess the highest possible fire rating available.
  • Child Friendly. Not only is the durable construction perfect for rough treatment from kids, the lack of a cord means these shutters are safe to have in any room in your home.
  • No Touch Up Needed. The color of PolyCORE shutters will last forever without any need for repainting.

Wood Composite Shutters

If you are looking for a shutter that looks like real wood, but is priced closer to a vinyl shutter, a composite shutter from Gotcha Covered of NW Columbus may be the answer. Made from a unique wood composite core and acrylic coating, our composite shutters won't turn yellow, warp, fade or chip. Composite shutters combine the beauty of wood with the strength and stability to stand up to harsh climates at a more affordable price point. All of our composite shutters are available in a single panel, double panel and bi-fold options. We also offer L-Frame and Z-Frame options.

Wood composite can provide the 'best of both worlds'. Consider these features and options:

  • Divider Rails. When using wood composite shutters for a tall window, consider installing divider rails. This will separate the functioning of top and bottom shutters, leading to more lighting options and increased stability.
  • Double Hung Shutters. As an alternative to divider rails, you can have your wood composite shutters double hung. This stacks one shutter on top of another, and allows for them to be swung open independently in addition to the separate operation of the louvers.
  • Safety. Like any shutter installation, wood composite shutters are child safe because they don't use cords to operate. They also stand up better to rough treatment from children than traditional wood shutters.
  • Decorative Frames. A variety of frame styles are available to accent the top of your shutters for a unique, customized look.
  • Motorized Control. Have your wood composite shutters installed with motorized function and you will be able to open and close the louvers with a remote control from anywhere in the room.
  • Finish Options. Choose from a wide variety of finish colors to match any décor.
  • Uniform Look. If you use wood shutters in one area of the house, you will need to choose something else for high humidity areas like the kitchen and bathroom. When you choose wood composite shutters, you can maintain the same look throughout the house.
  • Louver Options. Choose from a variety of louver sizes depending on the exact look you wish to create.
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