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Composite Shutters

Affordable Faux Wood Shutters for Every Home

If you are looking for a shutter that looks like real wood but is priced closer to a vinyl shutter, a wood composite shutter from Gotcha Covered may be the answer. Made from a unique wood composite core and acrylic coating, our composite shutters won't turn yellow, warp, fade, or chip. Custom composite shutters combine the beauty of wood with the strength and stability needed to stand up to harsh climates at a more affordable price point. All of our faux wood shutters are available in a single panel, double panel, and bi-fold options. We also offer L-Frame and Z-Frame options.

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composite shutters

Composite Faux Shutters Offer the Best of Both Worlds

Consider these composite plantation shutter features and options:

Double-Hung Shutters

This allows shutters to be hung on top of each other and lets you swing them open independently of each other. It also allows for separate louver operation.

Divider Rails

Divider rails are great for tall windows because they separate top and bottom shutters and let you open them independently for greater light control.


We proudly offer motorized controls so you can operate your faux wood shutters with the simple touch of a button.

Numerous Finishes

At Gotcha Covered, we offer a huge variety of finish options so you can create the exact custom look you want.


Areas like kitchens and bathrooms require humidity-resistant shutters; wood composites allow you to maintain a uniform look throughout your home.

Child and Pet Safety

Like all shutters, wood composites don’t require cords or strings to open and close, making this a child- and pet-safe option.

Decorative Frames

We offer a wide range of styles to frame the top of your shutters so you can create a beautiful look you love.

Louver Options

Customize the size of your wood composite shutters’ louvers for a unique look that suits your personal tastes.

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Finding the Right Composite Plantation Shutters for You

We're here to help bring your design vision to life, especially if you're considering composite plantation shutters for your home. These shutters are a stylish and durable choice for any space, whether outfitting your entire home or just a single room. Our experienced design consultants are ready to work with you to find the best composite plantation shutters that fit your needs, personal style, and budget. We're committed to helping you understand your options and make the right choice for your window treatments, ensuring they look great and meet your lifestyle needs.

More information about faux wood shutters:

Start with our Composite Plantation Shutters today! Find your location or call (888) 650-6187.

Start with our faux wood shutters today! Find your location or call (888) 650-6187.

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