Cordless Window Treatments

Cord-Free Blinds & Shades Offer Safety & Convenience

Have you been considering going cordless? Traditionally, blinds and shades feature a lift cord to raise and lower them, but these dangling strings can often be a tangled, messy eyesore or—worse—a serious safety hazard. Cordless window treatments offer a way to simplify your window coverings, eliminating lift cords and allowing easy, one-handed raising and lowering. Read on to learn more about this popular and convenient option.

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How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

Cordless blinds aren’t entirely cordless—they still have strings inside, connecting the slats and holding them in place. However, cordless blinds don’t use a cord to lift or lower, and often don’t have a wand to tilt the slats open or closed. Instead, you simply push up or pull down on the bottom rail to adjust the blinds to your desired position. Some styles have a locking mechanism on the bottom rail, which involves pressing a button while moving the blinds to the perfect height, then releasing the button to lock them in place. To open or close the slats without a wand, you tilt the bottom rail forward or backward. Operation is simple and can generally be done one-handed.

Gotcha Covered offers cordless blinds in a variety of styles, including:

How Do You Raise & Lower Cordless Shades?

Depending on the style, cordless shades may operate using spring tension like a projector screen, rolling up or down with a gentle tug, or they may be raised and lowered simply by guiding the bottom rail, similar to cordless blinds. Cordless shades are often available in a top-down/bottom-up design, which means you can easily position both the top and the bottom of the shade. This is ideal for allowing full light at the top of the window while retaining privacy from the lower section, along with a number of other scenarios.

Many of our most popular shade styles are cordless or available with a cordless option, including:

Cordless vs. Continuous Loop

Though cordless window treatments offer a lot of benefits, they aren’t appropriate for every window. For instance, very wide windows would require more than one person to operate a cordless system, since the weight and balance would be too much for a traditional cordless design. Cordless systems may not be a good option for heavy blinds or shades, or in homes where someone may have trouble operating them. In cases like this, you may want to consider a continuous loop cord. A continuous loop is thread through pulleys anchored at the top—and often, the bottom—giving you the power of a lift cord with a neater, more streamlined appearance.

Pros & Cons of Cordless Window Treatments

If you’re considering going cordless, it’s important you weight the benefits and the drawbacks. While cordless window treatments are safer than their traditional corded counterparts, they are not always the right choice for every window, or even every home.

Cordless window treatments might be A GOOD FIT for you because of:

  • Aesthetics – They offer clean, sleek lines, uninterrupted by a messy tangle of cords.
  • Safety – Eliminating cords prevents children and pets from getting caught or pulling them down.
  • Convenience – Easy, one-handed operation means less hassle when opening and closing shades or blinds.
  • Selection – They are available in countless styles, colors, and textiles to match any décor or budget.

However, you may want to AVOID cordless window treatments for:

  • Wide windows – For very wide windows, a continuous loop system is a more functional and often necessary choice.
  • High or tall windows – If the windows are out of reach, the cordless window treatments will be, too. Cordless shades and blinds are best for windows where you can reach the full length of the window without too much trouble.
  • Windows behind furniture – Similar to high windows, windows behind furniture can present an obstacle to cordless window treatment operation. In this case, though, accessing the bottom of the shades or blinds may be a hassle.
  • Certain types of mobility limitations – Though cordless window treatments may be easier to operate for many, certain types of mobility limitations may make the finer adjustments of cordless operation more difficult than using a lift cord.

Are Cordless Window Treatments Safer for Kids & Pets?

Traditional lift cords pose a significant danger to children and pets, who can become tangled in the strings and choke or strangle themselves. There are a number of ways you can keep kids and pets safe from the hazards of window cords, but opting for cordless blinds or shades is one. Eliminating dangling cords, which often draw the attention of curious cats, playful dogs, or adventurous children, removes the temptation and makes window treatments safer for your family.

Are Cordless Blinds Worth It?

While cordless blinds and shades generally cost a little more than traditional corded styles, cordless window treatments are often worth the investment. The added safety for households with children is virtually priceless, and the absence of dangling cords or strings makes for a sleek, streamlined look. Cordless options are available for shades and blinds that fit any budget, so there’s something for anyone considering the cord-free aesthetic.

Want to take cordless convenience even further? Control your window treatments with a remote, your phone, or even your voice! Ask your design consultant about motorization or read more about our motorized blinds and shades.

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