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Helping to Maximize Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

What Are Insulating Window Treatments?

Insulating window treatments are designed to keep warm air inside in the winter, keep the sun’s rays from heating up the house in the summer, and obstruct any drafts or breezes that might affect the performance of your heater or air conditioning system. In short, they’re window coverings that can help you maximize your comfort and your home’s energy efficiency.

insulating curtains

While some window treatments offer plenty of insulation on their own, others work best when layered for maximum effect. Let our design consultants know during your free in-home consultation if insulating properties are important in your new window treatments. After assessing your space, we’ll let you know our recommendations based on our extensive experience helping to outfit windows of all shapes, sizes, and locations.

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How Do Insulating Window Treatments Keep Heat Out?

To keep the sunlight from heating up your home and forcing your air conditioner to work harder to cool it down, insulating window treatments block the sun from shining through your windows. In addition to shielding your interior from the sun’s rays, they also create a pocket of space between your room and the window, which slows the transfer of heat. (This later benefit also applies when it’s cold outside, inhibiting temperature transfer between the icy exterior and your cozy home.)

Most insulating window treatments are most effective when they’re closed; however, coverings like shades, shutters, and drapes give you the flexibility to open them when you want a clear view outside and close them during the hottest parts of the day. At Gotcha Covered, we can also set you up with motorized window treatments you can control from your phone, your voice, or even through scheduled automation to open or close them at strategic times.

Insulating Shades & Blinds We Offer

Most window coverings provide at least a little bit of insulation, but some are engineered specifically for that purpose.

We offer a wide selection of fully customizable window treatments ideal for adding insulating properties to your windows, including:

  • Cellular shades – Cellular shades are constructed from two or more layers of material and feature hollow, honeycomb-shaped pockets. These pockets create separation between the window and the inside of your home for better temperature control.
  • Roman shades – Since they are often made from heavier fabrics, Roman shades offer decent insulating properties by blocking the sun’s rays and providing an obstacle for escaping cool air (or warm air, in the winter). Consider adding an insulating or blackout liner for even better results.
  • Solar shades – Depending on the textile you choose, solar shades or sunscreens can block UV rays and minimize heat from the sunlight. With their simple roller shade functionality, they also make a good foundational piece for layering on additional insulating treatments like drapes or curtains.
  • Wood shutters – Somewhat surprisingly, well-fitting shutters are among the best window treatments for insulating properties. Wood shutters naturally inhibit the transmission of cold or heat, making them an energy-efficient choice.
  • PolyCORE shutters – These shutters are a great alternative to wood shutters for areas prone to moisture or humidity, like laundry rooms, bathrooms, garages, or basements. The synthetic construction and co-extruded aluminum core are resistant to heat transfer, especially when blocking outside heat from warming up the house.
  • Vinyl shutters – Vinyl shutters with hollow louvres and foam-filled frames create space to prevent heat from entering during warmer months and from escaping during colder weather. Hollow-core frames may decrease insulation slightly compared to foam-filled frames or wood shutters, but overall, vinyl shutters can be an effective choice to enhance energy efficiency.
  • Composite shutters – For hard-to-fit windows or smaller budgets, wood composite shutters are a good value, providing the classic look of shutters with decent insulating benefits. Though they lack the full energy efficiency of other shutters, they still rank high among window treatments for insulation properties.
  • Curtains and drapes – Some drapery is designed specifically for insulation, such as thermal insulated curtains. These curtains generally have a decorative layer, a foam core, and a non-breathable layer that protects the foam from condensation. They are designed to block drafts and keep warm air in when it’s cold outside, but they can also block heat from the sun’s rays in warmer weather. However, curtains and drapes of any kind offer additional insulation when layered with other window treatments.
  • Blinds – Because the slats are generally made from thinner, lighter-weight materials and allow so much light and air through, blinds aren’t the best window treatment if insulation is your main goal—especially if you’re trying to prevent heat loss. However, when closed, reflective aluminum blinds can do an acceptable job blocking the sun’s heat. If you love the look and function of blinds and your main energy concern is keeping cool during the warmer months, they may be a good option.

Exterior Shades for Blocking Sunlight

While there are a variety of interior window treatments that can add insulating properties, exterior shades and sunscreens can also block sunlight and reduce heat before it enters your home. These solar shades are excellent for large windows that receive several hours of direct sun, including patio doors and sunrooms. These sunscreens are mesh, meaning they won’t add privacy once daylight fades, so they’re best in areas where that isn’t a concern. Gotcha Covered can help you select a motorized solar shade to reduce glare and indoor temperatures, which can be rolled up when you want a clear view or a little extra sunshine.

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