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Signs You Need to Replace Your Window Treatments

The average lifespan of home window treatments is about seven to eight years. If you rarely use or are careful with them, you can extend their useful life for much longer. Some homeowners with Gotcha Covered enjoy their window treatments for 12 to 20 years. However, most of us want to use our window treatments and are not thinking about preserving them. As you open and close your window treatments, they experience normal wear and tear. Over time, your window treatments start to show their age. This is just one of the many signs you need to replace your window treatments. Working with a window treatment company can update and upgrade your window coverings whether they are broken, worn out, or you simply want to update their style.

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Damaged or Broken Window Treatments

If your window treatments are damaged or broken, you could make repairs. However, this will only work for so long. For many homeowners, they did not invest in high-quality window treatments when they bought their homes. These window treatments may have been affordable in the short term, but also come with shorter lifespans and reduced durability, and quality.

As your window treatments age, the damage and broken elements will continue to increase. You could see warped or bent slats, frayed fabric, broken cords, or discoloration. While you may consider repairing them, this isn’t always the best option. Repairs can become expensive and may not restore the window coverings to their original condition. Replacing them with custom window coverings can breathe new life into your home.


Outdated Design

The window treatments in your home were once the height of popularity and interior design trends. However, many years have gone by. Now, they age your home, as their design is long outdated. Outdated window treatments bring down the overall interior design of your home’s rooms. Replacing them can instantly update your home, giving it a modern and inviting feel. Working with an experienced window treatment company can help you choose timeless window coverings. That way, you select window treatments that will continue to look current for many years to come.

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Conflicting Design

When you moved into your home, it may have already had window treatments installed. Instead of replacing them, you excitedly moved your furniture and decor in. However, now that time has gone by and you are settled in, it has become ever more obvious that the original window treatments do not match your aesthetic. Each of your rooms looks disjointed. Now that you have lived in your home for a while, it is the perfect time to replace your window treatments. You know how the sun comes in the windows. You know what rooms your family uses the most. That way, you can choose window treatments that match your lifestyle while complementing the rest of your home’s furniture and decor.

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Poor Light Control

Older window treatments can block too much light. If you find your home to be dark and you are turning on lights, it is time to replace your window coverings. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could have window treatments that do not block out enough light. This is especially noticeable in the bedroom, where you need a darkened room to sleep soundly. Replacing your window treatments with ones that offer increased light control can help you enjoy your home more.

Adding shades as your custom window coverings can give you the needed light control. Modern shade options look beautiful and come with a variety of features. Light-blocking shades can effectively darken a room for a restful night’s sleep. Dual-direction shades can give you flexibility in how much light you allow in throughout the day. This lets you adjust your window coverings to match the sun’s changing position throughout the day. Choose a lightweight fabric and enjoy a soft, light-filtering effect.


Do Not Meet Your Needs

Struggling with window coverings that do not meet your lifestyle needs adds unnecessary stress and frustration to your life. They could lack in providing adequate privacy. Or perhaps they do not give you enough adjustment flexibility in how you position them throughout the day. Finally, they may have been perfect for the purpose of the room when you installed them. However, now, you have changed the room’s use, and the window treatments no longer work. For example, perhaps you turn a home gym into a nursery or your guest bedroom into a home office.

Installing dual-directional cellular shades can be a smart upgrade. These versatile shades are like two window treatments in one. This gives you more flexibility in how you adjust them. That way, you have more light control throughout the day. You can also easily convert the room’s use without having to replace the window treatments in the future.

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Difficult to Operate

Your window treatments should make your life easier and more enjoyable. Struggling to operate your window treatments does the opposite of this. It is time to replace your window treatments if you find them difficult to reach, heavy, or difficult to maneuver. It is time to replace them if they get stuck in a position. Finally, they may not have the full range of motion they had when they were new. You can replace them with window treatments that have smooth operation. Or you can upgrade your window treatments to motorized ones. Then, you never have to manually operate them again. You can open and close them at a button touch or program them to automatically adjust throughout the day.

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Missing Window Treatments

You are in luck if your home’s windows do not have any window treatments. You have a blank canvas with limitless options. However, this can also become overwhelming with too many options. Scheduling a consultation with a window treatment design expert can help you select the best window treatment for your home’s design and your lifestyle needs. Adding window treatments to your bare windows will create light control, improve privacy, and enhance the interior design of your rooms.

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Not Safe for Children and Pets

Window treatments with exposed cords pose a safety risk to pets and small children. For homeowners in Canada, this isn’t an issue, as this style of window treatment is banned from sale in the country. For homeowners in the United States, however, they still pose a real risk. If you have pets or are expecting a baby, then consider replacing your window treatments with a safer cordless window treatment design.

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You Plan to Sell Your Home

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, updating your window treatments can be an essential upgrade that will appeal to buyers. Updated window treatments can greatly impact updating your home to align with modern interior design trends. This can distract from other more dated features of the home. The fresh window treatments can also make an impact before potential buyers even enter the home. Often, window treatments can be seen from the outside of the home. So, new window treatments will improve the curb appeal of your home. A strong positive curb appeal can contribute to an increased home sale price.

When you work with an expert designer, you can install window treatments that will address buyers’ desires. Create the illusion of larger windows. Make them smart home compatible with motorization. Improve the privacy created.

Update Your Home with Custom Window Coverings

If one or more of these situations sound familiar, it is time to consider the replacement of your window coverings. Your new window treatments can address the old, worn, broken, and hard-to-use treatments you have now. When you work with the experts in window coverings, you can choose the right treatments for your interior design style, home architecture, and lifestyle.

Find a Gotcha Covered location near you and let our team of experts update your windows with custom window treatments.