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Aluminum Blinds

Offering Unprecedented Customization

Aluminum blinds, commonly known as Venetian blinds, mini blinds, micro-blinds, or metal blinds, offer a timeless and affordable solution for window coverings. These blinds are cost-effective and fully customizable, allowing you to tailor them to your style, needs, and budget. With their versatile design, aluminum blinds are a popular choice for those seeking both style and durability in their window treatments.

aluminum blinds

Customizable Features and Long-Lasting Quality

The standout feature of aluminum blinds is their long-lasting quality. They are exceptionally durable, making them a wise investment for any space. These metal blinds are available in various sizes, colors, and finishes, enabling you to choose the perfect look for your windows. Whether you want a simple and sleek design or something more vibrant, our range of custom aluminum blinds can be adapted to fit your preferences.

Some of the main benefits of aluminum window blinds include:

  • Advanced light-blocking ability via route-less slats
  • Wide variety of slat sizes
  • Endless color choices
  • Complete customization with various decorative tape options
  • Improved child and pet safety with cordless lift control
  • Increased ease with motorized lift control
  • Unparalleled durability and weather resistance
  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Ability to fit any size or unusually-shaped window
  • Sleek headrails

Easy Consultation and Personalized Selection

To learn more about our custom aluminum blinds, we encourage you to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with a local design consultant! During this consultation, you'll receive expert advice and explore the many options. Our consultants are dedicated to helping you find the ideal aluminum blinds that meet your functional needs and enhance your space's aesthetic.

More information about aluminum blinds:

Why Gotcha Covered? We Do More Than Just Inspire
  • Ensure the best fit, measurement, and appearance
  • Competitive pricing based on national buying power
  • Solutions for your style preference and budget
  • Referral programs, repair services and warranty support
  • Large selection of hard and soft window treatments
  • Free design consultations in your home or office