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Meet Our Team

  • Headshot of Bryan  Baldwin

    Bryan Baldwin


    Bryan Baldwin is the friendly face behind Gotcha Covered. He boasts an impressive 25-year career in Human Resources within the corporate world. Eager for a change, Bryan turned his attention to the world of home improvement. What drew him to Gotcha Covered was the opportunity to sell a product that enhances homes. Bryan loves working with customers who are passionate about making their homes more comfortable and beautiful. They entrust their dreams to a company known for quality, and Bryan takes pride in being part of that experience.

    A native of Edmond, Bryan's life journey led him away from his hometown after joining the Marines following high school. His return to Edmond in 2018 brought him back to the charming, family-oriented Oklahoma City suburb. Here, he and his wife Amanda revels in the abundance of parks and kid-friendly activities, a perfect environment for his role as a proud dad to twin 5-year-old girls.

    In his moments of leisure, Bryan's passions include woodworking, fishing, and hunting. The long hours of office confinement that dominated his early professional life left little room for the moments he cherishes today. With Gotcha Covered, Bryan reclaims the time he missed, ensuring his family remains at the heart of his life's journey.