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Meet Our Team

  • Headshot of Jon Schloesser

    Jon Schloesser

    Owner & Design Consultant

    Prior to returning to the design & hospitality business in Wisconsin, Jon traveled the globe during his time in the service. After years out west in Nevada, living in Nebraska, assignments in Asia to Afghanistan, and elsewhere, he returned to the Fox Valley. Jon logged 700+ flying combat hours in the Middle East, charted time across 6 continents and 5 deployments. Drapery and fabric design is key to Jon. Jon grew up with his family close to needlework and custom fabrics for curtains, quilts, and bedding. Custom needlework and window treatments were a tradition passed from his grandparents to his parents, and now with him leading Gotcha Covered. Award winning fabric featured across the state, with thousands of window treatments in homes across Wisconsin gives Jon the design advantage. Jon is also qualified with electronic knowledge for smart home and connected services within your home. Jon maintains endorsements from every major manufacturer for blinds, shades, motorized operating systems, and privacy needs. Jon has successfully installed and completed custom jobs not in only in Wisconsin, but now 6 other states within the US. Jon left the design and hospitality industry after 9/11, was the Cadet of the Year for the Indiana National Guard for Indiana University in 2003, and was a Valedictorian for his flight training. Jon holds endorsements from every major window treatment manufacturer, and attends annual training for electrical and smart home systems.

  • Headshot of Kim Van Thiel

    Kim Van Thiel

    Interior Designer

    Phone: 920-851-5655


    Meet Kim!

    Kim has been passionate about design for many years. She saw the need in our area for full range Interior Design services at an affordable price, so she decided to go back to school to earn her Interior Design Degree. Kim believes in treating everyone fairly and with respect in all aspects of our work together.

    Her work is a reflection of loving to help you make your home livable and lovable. Kim creates new and exciting designs along with picking out paint colors, shopping for furniture and decor, and organizing your home in a way that suits you and your family.

    By getting to know you in a one-on-one consultation, Kim can take what you share about what you like to do for fun, what you’ve enjoyed doing in the past, and bring your values and passions into the details of your home. Kim works side-by-side through the entire interior design project.

    From picking out the right paint color to full remodels, choosing and installing blinds or rearranging rooms, Kim will make sure that you have:

    • Resources for all the decorating in your home.
    • Answers to any question about interior design.
    • Solutions for buying furniture, choosing paint colors, and arranging a layout you’ll enjoy in your home.