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Meet The Team

  • Jon Schloesser
    Jon Schloesser Owner & Design Consultant

    Our Owner and Installer, Jon has been working closely with electronic window blinds, motors, and smart systems for several decades.  Prior to returning to the design & hospitality business in Wisconsin, Jon moved along assignments in the US to abroad from Asia to Afghanistan, and elsewhere. Jon logged over 700 flying combat hours in the Middle East, charted time across 6 continents and 5 deployments, and amassed over 1,000 reconnaissance flying hours serving his country  

    His drive for perfection and doing the job right is at his core.  Jon will work alongside a build inspector, homeowner, or young family to ensure they are getting the right product at the right price.  If something isn’t right, he will find a skilled trade contractor to help a homeowner that he trusts and knows is reliable in the community. 

    Jon maintains endorsements from every major manufacturer for blinds, shades, motorized operating systems, and privacy needs. In addition, he attends annual training for electronic systems and smart home programs to ensure proper building code for public safety and fire protection is met.  These training include window and door coverings like security film, ballistics, and bombproof solutions for industrial, corporate, educational, and government sites.    

    Jon left the design and hospitality industry after 9/11, was the Cadet of the Year for the Indiana National Guard for Indiana University in 2003, and was a Valedictorian for his graduate-level flight school in Nebraska. Jon holds a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University, along with a Master of Science, Air Force Flight Instructor rating, completed Executive Education with the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, and Joint Undergraduate Flight Endorsements from US Navy and US Air Force combined programs. 

    Jon is married to Dr. Sarah Dierks of Packerland Eyecare in Appleton and Chilton.  Together, they have 4 children and are members at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Greenville.  In his free time, Jon works to salvage various parts for repurpose or donation.  This includes furniture, automobiles, farming equipment, and barns.  

  • diana photo
    Diana Interior Designer

    Meet Diana!

    From early on, Diana displayed a natural inclination toward aesthetics and a keen eye for detail. Art, colors, texture, and pattern have been Diana’s passion since she was little. Fueled by her passion, Diana pursued a formal education with Fox Valley Technical College at their Appleton campus, with study and a degree in Interior Design. Diana has equipped herself with a solid foundation in the principle of interior design, with training in the latest trends and smart home technologies.

    Diana was born and raised in Thailand. She started her new life in the United States when she was 13 years old. Growing up in a household that celebrated her Thai heritage alongside Southeast Asia customs, Diana was captivated by the intricate details of Thai architecture and the delicate balance of interior spaces. At the same time, Diana was inspired by the sleek lines and minimalist approach of contemporary Southeast Asia design. Diana was also influenced by her stepfather, who is a contractor, and her mother who is in love with gardening and home decoration, driving her to become an Interior Designer.

    At the heart of Diana’s philosophy is the belief that interior design has the power to transform lives. She views each project as an opportunity to create an environment that not only captivates the sense, while also enhancing the health and well-being of those who inhabit it. Diana’s designs strive to strike a delicate balance between form and function, seamlessly integrating practicality with beauty.


  • photo of raegan
    Reagan Administrative Assistant

    Meet Raegan!

    Reagan is in charge of our front office and sales desk. She is energetic and strives to create a family-friendly environment for parents, children, and skilled trades. Reagan takes care of scheduling consultations for homes, builders, and general contractors. Reagan is the voice you hear on the other end of the line, attending to any needs or questions you may have. Reagan has access to almost every department, assisting designers and estimators with consultation appointments or engineering and installation questions. Reagan helps to facilitate a smooth process with the many trades and moving parts of a home or jobsite.

    Reagan has been interested in interior design and electronic programs for several years. She strives to further expand her knowledge and has a willingness to take on new challenges. Reagan’s goal is to provide exceptional customer service and collaborate with designers and electricians to make the process of selecting traditional or motorized window coverings easy.


  • Dr. Sarah Dierks Schloesser Partner

    From 1800s Wisconsin to Modern Day

    The early years of Wisconsin history include the ancestors of Packerland Eyecare and Gotcha Covered.

    Pfeffer-Hanert and Company - Chilton Furniture & Undertaking

    Mr. A.J. Pfeffer started in the undertaking and furniture business in Chilton with the late Joseph Hanert in 1899. A.J. is the great grandfather of Dr. Sarah Dierks, and the father to Earl Pfeffer, who ran the Pfeffer funeral home for many years.

    PFEFFER FUNERAL HOME, located 705 S. Madison St. was established in 1898 by Aloy J. Pfeffer who learned his embalming trade from Joseph Hanert. Hanert had one half of the old Knauf & Tesch store on the southside of E. Main St. near Larsen Cleaners. Knauf & Tesch conducted a general merchandise store on the other side. "AJ" as he was known also worked for a Mr. Roetke, an undertaker in the old Jodar Hardware building on West Main where they also sold furniture. He started his own business in a building on East Main, beside Larson Cleaners.All bodies were shown in the home at that time.  In 1934, A.J. purchased the house on the present location. In 1941, Earl (Bud) Pfeffer, his son, took over and made many improvements. In January 1977, the funeral business was sold to Merlin Weiting, now the Weiting Funeral Home, Inc.

    PACKERLAND EYECARE OF CHILTON, In 2023, the great granddaughter of A.J. And Earl acquired the same doors of her ancestors. A Post-Covid opportunity arose with Dr. Gary Burkhardt looking to retire and sell his Eyecare business. Ironically after traveling the United States, working in Omaha, and owning Packerland Eyecare in Appleton, Dr. Sarah Dierks and her husband Jon Schloesser acquired Burkhardt Eyecare, and have continued serving Chilton and Calumet County.

    GOTCHA COVERED, Her husband Jon Schloesser is a retired military officer specializing in electrical systems and automation, with 20+ years in design and window treatments.. They returned to Wisconsin, where she has been serving the Fox Cities for more than 10 years with Packerland Eyecare. Jon opened and assumed duties for their fabric, window coverings, and furniture repair business. His family has been in quilting and furniture since the 1940s, with Schlösser Dairy before that in the 1850s. Jon acquired the Gotcha Covered brand of blinds to assist US Veterans for employment, and employs multiple veterans and the kids of veterans in Outagamie County.

    Sarah and Jon offer window film, tint, furniture repair, window coverings, along with everything you would expect for optical care. Diabetic screenings, comprehensive eye exams, cataract and glaucoma evaluations with care plans, along with pediatric examinations, glasses, and contacts.

    Doctor Background: After earning her B.S. in Biological Sciences at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Doctorate of Optometry degree (OD) from Indiana University School of Optometry, Dr. Dierks completed further clinical training at LasikPro in Orlando, FL, Omni Eye Services of Atlanta in Atlanta, GA, and Vision Care Specialists in Des Plaines, IL, along with specialty training at Indiana University Atwater and Community Eye Care clinics in Bloomington, IN. Awarded “Best of” in Papillion, Nebraska in 2011 and Appleton Magazine Women's Inspire Award in 2023.