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Do Window Treatments Increase Home Value?

One of the reasons to buy real estate is to increase its value. That way, you can eventually sell it for more than what you bought it for, gaining a profit. One way to ensure your home increases in value is to invest in it. Upgrading and updating your home throughout ownership is one-way homeowners can increase their home’s value when they decide it is time to sell. Custom window treatments are the perfect home update/upgrade for increasing home value.

Factors that Influence Home Value

Home value is a subjective calculation influenced by a long list of factors. Some factors that greatly influence home value include the curb appeal, floor plan, square footage, amount of natural light, quality of build materials, and number of custom features. As homes age, the number of upgrades and updates also impact home value.

How Window Treatments Increase Home Value

How Window Treatments Increase Home Value

Window treatments can add value to your home in several ways. Starting with the outside of the home, elegant window treatments can enhance a home’s curb appeal. Studies have shown that people decide a home’s value in the first few seconds of seeing it for the first time. This makes curb appeal impactful on a home’s overall value. Attractive window treatments can be seen from outside through the home’s front windows, helping to increase curb appeal.

Moving inside the home, window treatments help define the home’s different spaces. They can also hide shortcomings and enhance desirable qualities. For example, window treatments can give the illusion of larger windows or taller ceilings. They can control the amount of natural light, creating a more enjoyable atmosphere. The right window treatments could increase privacy for windows facing a street or a neighbor’s house.

Durable window treatments are made from high-quality materials. This quality may not be specifically noted, but it contributes to the overall appeal of the window treatments. Increased durability means the window treatments are resistant to discoloring from UV rays. They are less likely to break from regular wear and tear. They require less maintenance and repairs. They also have a longer useful life, requiring replacement less often. Gotcha Covered works with manufacturers that provide higher-quality fabrics that have UV resistance built into them. Colors are more consistent and less likely to fade. Slats won’t bend, bow, or warp with extended exposure. Cellular shades can be thoroughly cleaned and will keep their crisp pleating.

Finally, some types of high-quality window treatments can increase a home’s energy efficiency. This can increase a home’s value for buyers by reducing home heating and cooling costs. Honeycomb and cellular shades are ideal choices, with many having R-value ratings that signify their insulating ability. This could qualify the homeowner for tax credits.

Should I Replace Blinds Before Selling?

Should I Replace Blinds Before Selling?

A study in 2022 performed by The International Association of Home Staging Professionals found that 50% of staged homes with updated window treatments sell for 6-20% more than the initial listing price. Blinds are often the window treatment of choice when contractors and home builders construct new communities. These window treatments make the home move-in ready but are not always the best looking, highest quality, or functional for everyday life. Replacing the original builder-grade blinds in your home with custom window treatments can make your home more attractive to buyers in the real estate market.

​​Window Treatments that Do Not Add Value

​​Window Treatments that Do Not Add Value

Not all window treatments are the same, so not all window treatments will add value to your home. Low-quality, inexpensive, and generic window treatments will not have the same value-adding impact as custom window treatments. Low-quality window treatments could make things worse by having the potential to bring down the perceived value of your home. The window treatment’s poor quality could block too much natural light, not fit the window correctly, or break easily.

Not all custom window treatment providers offer the same level of quality and service. This can result in homeowners experiencing different levels of increased home value. If a homeowner buys their window treatments from a less-than-reputable seller, the installed treatments may not fit the window correctly or have the wrong proportions for the window and room. This throws off the room's visual balance, bringing down the appeal of the space. Custom window treatments that have reached the end of their useful life also have less impact on value. Over time, the window treatments could become damaged or discolored. These are signs that it is time to replace them. Similarly, custom window treatments may have been the height of interior design style trends when installed. However, a few decades later, they now look woefully outdated. Buyers will immediately notice this and assume the rest of the home is outdated and old. Finally, custom window treatments are just that, customized to your home, budget, style, and taste. A homeowner could spend a lot of money and end up with what most buyers would consider “ugly” window treatments. Working with a design consultant can help homeowners choose the different aspects of their window treatments. That way, they have a design that they love and will also elevate the look of their home.

How Much Value Do Window Treatments Add?

How Much Value Do Window Treatments Add?

There is no set dollar amount or percentage that your home value will increase after upgrading your home’s window treatments. Because several factors go into how window treatments add value, the exact amount will vary from one home to the next. Even if there was a range or average amount, the ultimate value increase will depend on the buyer's interest in the home. For some high-end custom window treatments, a mortgage appraiser may add a specific value amount to the home.

The added value that custom window treatments add to a home is more about the increased desirability that the window treatments add. Buyers are willing to pay more for a home with plenty of natural light, curb appeal, energy efficiency, and lifestyle functionality. Custom window treatments can check all of these boxes, making the home move-in ready for the buyer and increasing their interest in the home.

Window Treatments that Add Value

Window Treatments that Add Value

When choosing custom window treatments for your home, consider quality, aesthetic design, and functionality. Aim to find the best quality window treatments that you can afford that will complement your home. High-quality window treatments are made from durable materials that will last for years with daily use. The materials also feel nice, and the tactical feel is pleasant when operating them. Motorized treatments also add value because they significantly increase functionality through smart home integration. With more precise control, homeowners can enjoy an increased sense of security and privacy. The motorization feature can be added to a variety of window treatment styles. Our design consultants can work with homeowners to choose the best-motorized window treatments for their home’s needs.


One of the most popular window treatments in home design is shutters. They are versatile and can be used in many types of interior design styles. This makes them popular with homeowners looking to sell because buyers are not locked into a particular style. Shutters can also be easily customized, helping them work with many different home architectural styles and window designs. Homeowners can choose the color, build material, finish, and louver size. Custom features like tilt rods and split tilts increase natural light while maintaining privacy. Shutters are the one recognized treatment as adding home value and will be added as an asset to all listings.

Natural Window Treatments

Modern home trends embrace the use of natural materials throughout the home. Natural materials like wood add warmth and texture to a home, creating a more comfortable space to be in. Using natural materials for your window treatments is a perfect way to embrace these modern home trends and make your home more appealing to potential buyers. Window treatments can be cut to the window's exact measurements. That way, each window has a perfect window treatment.


High quality shades can increase a home’s value because they have so many options for customization. From the type of shade to the material used and functionality. Homeowners can choose features that will improve the home’s appeal and the resident’s lifestyle. For example, cellular shades can increase the insulating quality over the windows for greater energy efficiency. Layered roller shades increase the ability to have more precise control over the amount of natural light.

Maximize Home Value with Window Treatments

If you are looking for ways to increase your home value, adding custom window treatments is a perfect home project to do. From shutters to shades, draperies, and blinds, homeowners can choose the perfect window treatment design to complement their home’s design and decor. This begins with investing in high-quality window treatments that are custom-designed and fabricated to be an exact fit for each window. The design consultants at Gotcha Covered can help homeowners understand their options and choose the best window treatments for their homes.

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