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Window Shades in Northwest Houston

Nothing Says Style Quite Like Great Shades

Everyone can appreciate the look of a fresh set of shades on a home or business. When done correctly, shades add style, color, and personality to a home while also reducing sun exposure and increasing privacy. When you want to upgrade your shades, come to Gotcha Covered of Northwest Houston first. We are the trusted local experts for all things window cover related!

Looking for custom shades near you? Call (281) 623-4302 to arrange a free consultation with one of our design experts!

Bring Your Space Together with Shades

You have your choices when it comes to getting new shades that speak to you. Gotcha Covered of Northwest Houston helps you sort through them by pairing you with an expert design consultant. Together, you can flip through our giant catalogue of different types of shades. No matter your tastes and budget, we can find something that calls to you.

What sort of window shades do you think would look great in your home or business?

We have them all so you don’t have to compromise! With our help, you can be in your dream room or home sooner than you think. Who would’ve thought that shades could make such a big difference?

Gotcha Covered of Northwest Houston is here for all your window treatment needs. Call (281) 623-4302 or contact us online to get started with custom shade installation!

Outdoor Patio Shades Installation

Gotcha Covered of Northwest Houston is pleased to offer outdoor patio shade installation services for those looking to spruce up their outdoor living space. Our team of experts will come to your home and give you a custom solution that works for your outdoor living space.

Our shades are custom tailored to fit any need and come in a variety of colors and styles, helping you create just the right look for your patio. Patio shades are great for providing privacy, cooling off in the hot summer months, and preventing sun damage to your outdoor furniture. With Gotcha Covered of Northwest Houston's outdoor patio shade installation services, you will be able to take pleasure in your outdoor environment year-round!

From cellular shades to outdoor patio shades, our expert team has got you covered! Contact us online or call (281) 623-4302 to get started.

Commonly Asked Questions

What types of window shades are available in Northwest Houston?

In Northwest Houston, you can find a wide variety of window shades including banded shades, cellular shades, honeycomb shades, patterned shades, pleated shades, Roman shades, sunscreens/roller shades, and woven wood shades. Each type offers unique benefits and styles to match your home or business decor. Whether you are looking for something modern, classic, or functional, there is a shade option that will meet your needs.

What are the benefits of installing outdoor patio shades?

Outdoor patio shades offer numerous benefits, including increased privacy, protection from the sun, and reduced heat during hot summer months. They also help prevent sun damage to your outdoor furniture, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space comfortably year-round. With a variety of colors and styles available, you can create a stylish and functional outdoor living area that suits your needs.

How can custom shades improve my home or business?

Custom shades can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home or business by adding style, color, and personality. They also offer practical benefits such as reducing sun exposure, increasing privacy, and improving energy efficiency. By working with a design consultant, you can select shades that perfectly match your interior design and functional requirements, creating a cohesive and stylish look.

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