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Meet Our Team

  • Headshot of Stephanie Bulgar

    Stephanie Bulgar


    Stephanie Bulgar, the driving force behind Gotcha Covered Boca Delray, boasts a diverse career predominantly marked by a decade-long venture into healthcare sales, where she ascended to the role of Vice President in a company dedicated to long-term care services.

    For Stephanie, Gotcha Covered is more than a business—it's a synthesis of her passion for design and her extensive sales background. It signifies the culmination of a professional journey marked by lessons, achievements, and the wisdom gained through years of experience.

    The yearning to seize control of her life, long-simmering within Stephanie, found its catalyst when her daughter and family relocated out of state. This pivotal moment propelled her journey from the bustling NY/NJ area to the sun-drenched landscapes of Florida.

    Stephanie is eager to integrate herself into the vibrant community of East Boca Delray. She loves exploring the area, captivated by the blend of pristine beaches and lively city life.

    Beyond business, Stephanie's interests encompass a love for travel. An avid cook, she finds joy in entertaining friends and family. For Stephanie, being a business owner is not just a career move; it's the pinnacle of a life enriched by learning, growth, and the pursuit of newfound passions.