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Meet Our Team

  • Headshot of Shannon and Joshua Vrenna

    Shannon and Joshua Vrenna


    Shannon and Joshua Vrenna have deep roots in Western New York, having been born and raised in the region. They share a profound love for their community, which boasts breathtaking parks, scenic hiking trails, and picturesque waterfronts, including the magnificent Lake Erie.

    They are dedicated to giving back to the community by actively participating in supporting various local organizations focused on helping cancer patients and research. Their dedication to this cause stems from their personal experience, having witnessed their community's incredible support and love during their daughter's journey as a cancer survivor.

    As a close-knit family, Shannon, Joshua, and their younger daughter cherish spending time outdoors together. Whether hiking, kayaking, swimming in the summer, or skiing in the winter, they embrace the beauty of nature and the adventures it offers. When they aren’t outdoors, they are usually spending time with their older daughter and grandson.

    With a blend of passion, community spirit, and a love for family, Shannon and Joshua are the heart and soul of Gotcha Covered of Western New York. They pour their dedication into helping clients transform their homes, one window treatment at a time, creating spaces that reflect individual styles and bring joy to their customers' lives.

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