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Motorization & Connected Home
Motorization & Connected Home

Motorized Window Treatments in Cherry Hill

Reliable and Affordable Options in Burlington County

It may be time to add a new design or style to a living space in your home. Or, maybe it’s time to have your windows catch up with all the other tech in your home? Either way, we can help! Window treatments have been upgraded from the standard blinds and shades of the past, and Gotcha Covered of Burlington County is more than happy to offer the latest in window treatment selections, including the best motorized window treatments available.

If you are ready to give your home a true upgrade, give us a call at (609) 400-4417 or contact us online!

The Many Advantages of Automated Blinds

At Gotcha Covered of Burlington County, not only do we offer ways to add a new sense of design to your living space, we also offer the latest and greatest advancements in smart home technology for your blinds or shades.

Benefits of motorizing your blinds:

  • Elegance – Depending on the style you choose, these blinds can add a dash of elegance to your living space. Gone are the days of motorized blinds belonging to the rich; now, it’s very affordable to add motorized window treatments to any room.
  • Security – One of the greatest benefits of motorizing your window treatments is the provided security it offers. You can schedule and automize your blinds to automatically be drawn or lowered when you wish.
  • Child Safety –Motorized window treatments remove the need for cords, which protects children who might otherwise get tangled or choke while trying to play with them.
  • Convenience – Want full control of that out-of-reach window? Motorization of your blinds or shades gives you full convenience and control of your window coverings.
  • Modern Solution – With all the technology that’s being added to our homes, it’s about time our blinds catch up! Motorized window treatments give you that modern solution you’ve been needing to complete your smart home.

Motorization is a great choice for any window that is out of reach. Instead of straining to reach cords, or leaving your blinds or shades closed all the time, you can use a remote to lift and lower your window treatments. We also offer more built-in solutions. These can be controlled via installed wall switches and remote controls.

The Options Are Endless!

We pride ourselves on being able to offer hundreds of customizable options for your motorized window treatments. Our design experts will help you decide on everything from the hardware we install to the fabric used for the shades. The options are truly endless, and we are excited to see what you and our design experts choose for your space. We offer the following window treatments at a competitive price:

  • Blinds
  • Shutters
  • Curtains
  • Shades
  • Top Treatments
  • Draperies
  • & More!

When our design experts visit you in-home it allows them to better understand your living space and your design goals. Whether you are trying to add a new pop of color to a room or deciding on a complete redesign, we’re with you every step of the way.

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What powers motorized blinds?
There are a few ways to power your motorized blinds or shades:

  • Solar Power
  • Battery Tube
  • DC Power Adapter

The power source your window treatment uses depends on the dimension of your window and the goals for your living space.

What choices do I have to control my motorized blinds?
Motorization is a great choice for any window that is out of reach. Rather than straining to reach the window, or just leaving your blinds/shades/curtains/etc. closed all the time, you can use a remote to lift and lower them. We also offer systems and installation controlled via wall switches.

What type of window treatments can be motorized?
Almost all types of window treatments we offer can be motorized. Our expert designers and installers can help you decide on the motorized solution that works best for you!

How much do motorized blinds cost?
Installing motorized blinds is less expensive than you think. We are proud to offer competitive and affordable pricing on all of our window treatments, including motorized items.

Do you still have questions about motorized window treatments in Cherry Hill? If so, give us a call at (609) 400-4417 or contact us online!