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Meet Our Team

  • Headshot of Maria De La Salas

    Maria De La Salas


    Maria De La Salas, a seasoned business transformation and new movers marketing expert, brings a wealth of experience in general management and business operations to her role as the owner of Gotcha Covered of Parkland - Sunrise. With 20+ years of expertise under her belt, Maria is driven by her passion for building and growing successful businesses that add genuine value to consumers' lives.

    Maria's dedication to providing immediate and qualified solutions to homeowners' window covering needs stems from her love for being part of the homeowner journey. Whether homeowners are renovating their homes or moving into new ones, Maria finds fulfillment in simplifying their experience and enhancing their living spaces.

    Located in the vibrant and family-oriented communities of South Florida, Maria's passion lies in creating meaningful relationships within her community, fostering connections with clients, vendors, and partners alike.

    For Maria and her family, owning Gotcha Covered represents their commitment to helping families and homeowners embark on their new-move journey or home renovation projects in a stress-free and joyful way. By beautifying homes through exquisite window coverings, Maria aims to make the transition into a new home as pleasant and reliable as possible for her clients.