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Custom Blinds & Window Treatments in Towson

Shades, Shutters, Blinds & More Designed and Installed by Experts

Windows play an important part of any home. Not only are windows very functional, but they can be used to add design value to the room as well. The style chosen for window coverings can either make—or break—your home’s aesthetic.

Are you looking for Towson custom window treatments? Gotcha Covered of North Baltimore is here for all your custom window treatment needs. We want to be your one-stop-shop when redesigning your interior space. We are committed to helping you design your personal space the way you have always envisioned it. Even if you haven’t envisioned it yet, we can help you create something stunning and worthwhile.

Our expert designers are with you every step of the way. We can help you accomplish virtually anything you dream of. Whether you want to improve the style of your living room or create a new sense of functionally across your home, our expert designers will be there to help. When you schedule a free in-home consultation, we will look at your specific needs and do everything we can to understand your goals. We will help you find the perfect custom window coverings, designed with you— and your budget— in mind.

Are you ready to take your living space to the next level? Click here to schedule a free consultation with one of our design experts!

Choose from a Variety of Custom Blinds in Towson

We offer a huge catalogue of products that come in a variety of shapes and styles. These are designed to fit virtually any window in your home. From simple and sleek, to colorful and unique, we have it all to fit your taste and budget.

  • Horizontal blinds – If your windows are taller than they are wide, these are the blinds for you! You can control how much light is let into your room and customize them however you see fit!
  • Vertical blinds – If you have windows that are tall, large, or something like a patio sliding glass door, these are the blinds will work perfectly in your space. You have complete control of how much light to let in, all while being able to keep it warmer or cooler during the day. These blinds also make your ceiling seem taller!
  • Aluminum blinds – These blinds remain a timeless and affordable window covering. They are long-lasting and stylish, so you get the most bang for your buck here!
  • Faux wood blinds – These blinds give you the beauty of wood blinds but offer the durability that comes with vinyl. This is a very affordable option that will protect you from the downsides of real wood blinds.
  • Vinyl blinds – Vinyl blinds are very tough! These blinds are ideal for rooms like the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen because they can withstand constant exposure to humidity or heat.
  • Wood blinds – These are the true timeless classic. Wood blinds are gorgeous, long-lasting, and more affordable than you may think! These are warm and an add an elevated style to any room.
  • Fabric blinds – Want a lot of privacy in your home but still be able to feel the sunlight? Sunlight filters through fabric and brightens the room with a soft glow. These are also water- and dust-resistant, meaning they are very easy to maintain.
  • Sheer blinds – These blinds are designed for those who love lots of natural sunlight while still being able to get the privacy offered by blinds. These come in vertical and horizontal options. Sheer blinds can give off light, natural, beautiful vibes to any room.
  • S-curve blinds – Combining the functionality of vertical blinds with the beauty of wood blinds, S-curve blinds give increased privacy and light-blocking measures.
  • Woven wood panel track blinds – These blinds are designed for those looking for a final solution to their large, picture windows and sliding glass doors. These blinds can help bring a dose of nature to any room!

Blinds host a whole list of benefits for your room compared to other window treatments in Towson. They give you control of your privacy and the amount of sunlight you want in your room. Blinds continue to be a preferred way to easily design a space within an affordable budget. Paired with our affordable professional installation, you will save the design in your room in no time!