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Shade Automation Made Simple

It’s your home and your light to control. Want to ensure you wake up on time, have glare-free light throughout your rooms and make sure you can savor every beautiful sunset once your work days are done? Our automated window treatments can be scheduled to open and close precisely when you tell them to.

Completely customize your space with our shade automation systems

Ensure that your household runs more efficiently—automatically. By integrating Motorization with a compatible smart-home system, you can synchronize your technologies for maximum convenience. Want to save energy on a hot, sunny day? A home-automation system can detect a temperature rise with your thermostat. The system will then close your shades to keep heat out and switch off the lights so you don’t pay extra for energy. Want an added level of security? The same system can close your shades, lock the doors and arm the security system.

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Motorized window treatments offer these benefits such as:

  • Increased safety – Motorized window treatments eliminate the need for lift cords. Lift cords pose a safety hazard to children and pets especially, as they can easily become tangled in the dangling strings. Without these, there’s far less risk of accidental choking or other injury.
  • Improved accessibility – Modern motorized blinds, shades, and draperies are easy to operate and control with precision, even on out-of-reach or inaccessible windows. Rather than straining to reach or leaving shades closed all the time, you have more flexibility in controlling the light and privacy throughout your home.
  • Added security – Our motorization systems can be operated by timers, sun sensors, switches, remote control, smart phone app, or home automation systems, which means you can control your window treatments even when you’re on the go.
  • Boosted energy efficiency – Since you can program when your blinds or shades open and close—or, at least, you can open and close them yourself with ease—you can keep your home warmer or cooler during the day by letting in the sun or blocking it out.
  • Enhanced aesthetics – Without lift cords and tilt wands, your window treatments look cleaner and more streamlined, giving the whole room a more polished look.
  • Out of Reach Windows: For windows which are too high or hard to reach, motorization makes operating your treatments a breeze.
  • Child Safety: Motorized window treatments are cordless and the perfect choice for homes with small children and pets. Nearly every style window treatment, from blinds to shades, offers cordless options such as rail lifting, single wand control, clutch lifting system and motorization.

Types of Motorized Window Treatments Available

At Gotcha Covered of West Omaha, we offer a full range of motorized window treatments. Even those styles that don’t already feature motorization can often be customized and converted for total convenience and control.

Consider motorization for window treatments such as:

  • Blinds – Whether horizontal or vertical, use motorization to tilt slats and let in the ideal amount of light, open for a clear view, or close for privacy.
  • Shades – Motorization works just as well with cellular shades and Roman shades as it does with roller shades, and brings extra functionality to popular styles.
  • Shutters – Though not always the first type of window treatment that comes to mind with this technology, motorized shutters combine classic style with modern convenience.
  • Drapery and curtains – Drapery goes beyond decorative with the practical application of motorization, allowing you to take full advantage of insulation and privacy benefits with motorized drapes.

We can also help you understand the options for powering motorized window treatments, which includes hardwiring, battery power, plugging in to an outlet, or even solar power.

Frequently Asked Questions about Motorization

Are you interested in motorized window treatments but still have some questions? That’s common! Here are some of the things our customers frequently ask about before choosing motorization for their homes.

How much do motorized roller shades cost?

Upgrading to motorization does cost a little more than a manual shade, but the convenience and safety are often worth it. Not only that, there are options to fit every budget. For custom motorized window shades designed and installed by Gotcha Covered of West Omaha, the cost will likely range from $300 to $1,000, depending on the style, brand, size, and complexity.

How do motorized shades work?

There are several types of motorized shades and window treatments, from those controlled by a remote to those that can be programmed or even controlled by an app or your voice. The main difference lies in how they are powered. Some motorized shades work on battery power, while others are hardwired or use a DC power adapter. Still others are solar powered, which is ideal for windows that receive a lot of direct sunlight. Our design consultants can help you find the option that’s perfect for your space.

Can existing blinds be motorized?

More often than not, your existing blinds can be motorized. It just depends on the style of your current blinds, their age, and their brand. Our design consultants will be able to let you know if your existing blinds are able to be retrofit with motorization during your free in-home consultation.