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Solar Shades Offer UV Protection While Maintaining Your View

Solar Shades Offer UV Protection While Maintaining Your View


If you want to keep your beautiful view of the outdoors and still protect your home from UV rays, the solar shade may be the perfect treatment for your home. Offering varying levels of openness, minimal yet sophisticated design, and light control, solar shades are a good choice for any room with sun exposure including patios and sunrooms.

Solar shades

Why Solar Shades?

  • Protect your interior décor investments from harmful UV rays
  • Reduces undesirable heat gain and lowers your cooling bills
  • Diffuses light, minimizing the glare on television and device screens
  • Utilize uniquely engineered, semi-opaque fabrics let you enjoy outdoor views, without sacrificing sun protection
  • Can be layered with drapery or combine with a roller shade in a dual shade for nighttime privacy

Solar shades are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and openness levels. These levels (1% to 10%) determine the amount of UV blocking. One percent openness offers the greatest light filtering and blocking of UV rays, and a 10% openness maximizes your view, lets some sunlight in while blocking UV and glare. Your Gotcha Covered consultant will show you examples of each level so you can decide which percentage will best fit your needs.

Modern solar shades

Ready to Bring the Outdoors In?

Now that you know the options for your solar shades, it's time to schedule your complimentary in-home consultation. Your Gotcha Covered consultant will meet with you, learn about your functionality, style, and budget needs to help you decide which solar shades are right for your home.

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