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Understanding Different Shutter Surface Styles

Do your windows ever feel a little too plain? There’s no denying large windows look beautiful, but over time they can begin to feel like wasted decorative space. If you’re looking to spruce up your windows but don’t want to block the natural light they allow in, window shutters may be just what you’re looking for.

What are Shutters?

It may seem like a silly question, but with so many options out there, shutters often get confused with other treatments, like shades and blinds.

Shutters are a type of window covering made from horizontally hinged panels that can be closed and opened easily, and to varying degrees. Because shutters can be opened entirely or their panels tilted, they quickly became popular in sun-filled southern homes thanks to their unique ability to keep out light and heat. Since coming from Spain centuries ago, shutters have become one of the most popular window treatments in all of North America and Canada.

Why Choose Shutters?

As one of the most timeless types of window treatments, shutters aren’t going out of style any time soon. In fact, here are a few of the many benefits they possess:

  • Increase the value of your home. Whether you’re planning a move soon or want to stay in your home for years, installing shutters is an almost guaranteed way to increase the value of your house.
  • They’re aesthetically beautiful. Why are shutters in such high demand? Because they’re beautiful! Though there’s no denying their functionality, shutters are a statement piece in many rooms. That may be why many people refer to shutters as “furniture for your windows.”
  • Durability. Quality shutters are an investment. Purchase the right shutters and you may never have to replace your window treatments as long as you’re in your home!
  • Easy to clean. Who doesn’t want low maintenance treatments, really? Because there are no cords or strings that could tangle, shutters can easily be wiped down with a cloth.
  • Light control. Whether you’re a lover of natural light or prefer mood lighting, shutters can do it all. By tilting them closed, halfway, or open, you can easily regulate how much sun and heat a room gets.

Shutter Styles and Finishes

Traditional wood shutters may be some of the most popular options, but they’re far from the only ones. At Gotcha Covered, we carry a number of shutter styles and different finishes.

Natural Wood Shutters

As a natural element, wood accents can give any room a boost of charm and effortless elegance. And while they may be called natural wood shutters, they’re far from limited to your everyday light wood look.

  • Stain: Wood shutters can be stained from very light to very dark. They can even be stained to match your wood trim and furniture. You can also stain them much darker or lighter to directly contrast with other wood elements in your house.
  • Paint: Do you like the texture and durability of wood, but not the natural colors? Whether you want them to match your siding or indoor walls, wood shutters can be painted any color under the sun.

Vinyl Shutters

Shutters, in general, are very low maintenance, but vinyl shutters take that idea to a new level! As a crack, stain, and warp-resistant material, some vinyl shutters can go long periods of time with little to no work on your part. Vinyl shutters can also give you the look of wood treatments at a small fraction of the cost.

PolyCORE Shutters

Do energetic little ones and rambunctious pets get their hands and paws on just about everything in your home? If so, PolyCORE is the durable solution you need. We give you our word that PolyCORE shutters will not crack, split, fade, discolor, or warp with age. These nearly indestructible shutters also come in a variety of colors, textures, and finishes, meaning they’re a cost-effective way to dress any window.

Wood Composite Shutters

Who doesn’t want the look of real wood but at the price point of vinyl shutters? Wood composite shutters are made from a unique wood composite core and acrylic coating that will prevent them from ever turning yellow, warping, fading, or chipping.

Extra Options to Further Personalize Your Shutters

When it comes to your shutters, their functionality is just as important to us as their beauty.

Child Safety Benefits

Window cords have proven to be one of the biggest safety hazards for young children. Eliminate the need for cords altogether by choosing motorized window coverings. In addition to the peace of mind they’ll bring you and your family, they also make it easy to control your shutters from across the room and at the touch of a button.

Visible vs. Hidden Tilts

Traditional shutters often have a tilt rod in the center of each panel, allowing them to move simultaneously. As their name implies, hidden tilt rods are positioned on the backside of each panel, near the hinges. Because both options function in a similar manner, deciding between the two is often a matter of taste.

If you have traditional or country-inspired decor, visible tilts tend to look best. For homes with modern or transitional decor, we suggest hidden tilts.

Divider Rails

Divider rails are often added horizontally to the middle of shutters for two reasons: style preference or functionality. Adding them gives the appearance of a more traditional look, especially when coupled with a visible tilt. However, we also suggest them for all shutters over six feet tall, as they add strength to the panel.

At Gotcha Covered, we pledge to do so much more than just help you find window treatments you’ll love. With high-quality products and services that will exceed your expectations and add beauty and safety to your environment, we’ll help you create the space of your (and your children’s) dreams!

About the Author: Brooke Carr, Gotcha Covered

Brooke joined the Gotcha Covered family in 2018 as the Social Media Coordinator. She works closely with our corporate teams and our Gotcha Covered franchisees to develop insightful and helpful content for our brand.