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Keep Your Home Cozy This Holiday Season With Our Winter Decor Ideas

Keep Your Home Cozy For the Holidays With These Winter Decor Ideas


Keep Your Home Cozy For the Holidays With These Winter Decor Ideas

There is no place like home for the holidays and keeping your home comfortable and warm should be a top priority.

Even if you live in a climate that does not get extremely cold during the winter months, creating a cozy atmosphere is still a wonderful way to bring friends and family together.

In this article we are going to discuss some wonderful winter decor ideas to keep your home feeling cozy during the holiday season!

Add Textiles For Extra Warmth And Insulation

Textiles add texture to a room and nothing says comfort like layers of material. Bringing in woven knits and thick fabrics adds a feeling of warmth to the space.

Area rugs can add layers to your floors as well as a fun opportunity to bring in bold colors or patterns. For rooms with hard wood or tiled floors, area rugs can also increase the internal temperature of your room.

Woven table runners can add dimension to your flat surfaces such as tables, mantles, or shelves. If you are adding centerpieces or holiday décor to these surfaces, consider incorporating some fabrics. The contrast of the textured material to the smooth surface will create a welcomed dynamic.

Adding wall hangings is always a great way to brighten up a room, but they can also add a little extra insulation. Hanging textiles is a great way to add different grains and depth to the walls along with other dynamic colors and patterns.

Update Window Treatments To Keep Your Rooms At A Comfortable Temperature

Adding textures to your walls can extend to your windows as well. Window treatments are a fantastic way to add insulation to your windows to keep your home a comfortable temperature and expand your winter decor options.

In fact, window treatments are one of the best ways to make your windows more energy efficient. To read more about enhancing your energy efficiency with window treatments, check out this article - Window Treatments Could Save You Hundreds Each Month.

Not all window treatments are created equal. Some window treatments are more energy efficient than others. When it comes to comfort, energy efficiency is a considerable factor, but it may not be the only one. Adding texture, colors, and layers will also increase the feeling of comfort in your rooms.

Here are some great window treatment options to add energy efficiency, insulation, texture, and festive décor to your windows.

Cellular Shades for Winter Decor

Add Cellular Shades For Energy Efficiency

Cellular shades are one of the most energy efficient window treatment options available. Cellular shades are also called honeycomb shades because of the honeycomb shaped pockets that trap air between the layers of the shade. These air pockets create an insulating barrier between the window pane and the rest of the room.

Cellular shades are becoming increasingly popular not just because of their energy efficient properties, but also due to the wide range of options available.

Cellular shades come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. They are customizable in terms of pleat size and material, plus they can be made to fit almost any nonstandard sized window.

Cellular shades also come in a range of opacities from light filtering to blackout or room darkening options. These properties also make these shades ideal for adding privacy and light control to any window.

Top down/bottom up operating styles are a popular choice for cellular shades since they increase the amount of light control. Top down/bottom up operation allows the top of the window treatment to be raised or lowered independently from the bottom. This allows for multiple positioning options since the lower half of the shade can remain closed for privacy, while the top portion remains open for natural light or picturesque views.

Cellular shades are a perfect addition to any room to make it feel cozy and warm.

Add Soft Window Treatments To Make A Statement

Soft window treatments, such as draperies, curtains, side panels, and Roman shades, use fabrics and soft materials to add color, patterns, and elegance to any room. These types of window treatments are ideal for softening the ambiance of a room.

Soft window treatments come in a wide range of materials and fabrics which allow for an endless options in opacities, thickness, and styles.

Soft treatments have a variety of functionality options as well. Some soft treatments are purely decorative and others are functional.

Traversing drapes and Roman shades are great examples of functional soft window treatments that can open and close. Functional window treatments provide a way to add extra layers to your windows when you need a little more insulation.

Soft window treatments not only provide insulation to a room, but they also enhance the feel of comfort and hominess. Pleats and folds of fabric add movement and fluidity to a space making it feel less rigid.

Soft window treatments are a great way to add colors, patterns, and style to the room to enhance the décor. Whether festive and seasonal or more subtle and understated, window treatments are a great way to add style and flair to any space.

Layered Window Treatments for Winter Decor

Add Layered Window Treatments For Functionality

When it comes to finding a perfect blend of style and functionality, layering window treatments is the perfect way to get the best of both worlds.

Start with a simple blind, shutter or shade on the window itself which can provide privacy, light control, and even insulation depending on the type of treatment. Next, add a decorative side panel or a traversing drape that can bring in a complementary color or pattern as well as add a sense of height to the room. Finally, complete the entire look with a gorgeous top treatment such as a valance, cornice, or swag.

Top treatments are exactly what they sound like - window treatments for the top of the window. They do not provide much in terms of function, but they do add a wonderful finishing touch to any window and allow for a wide range of looks, styles, and other creative options. They are also very handy at hiding any hardware that you might not want to be visible.

Layering different window treatments is a wonderful way to add dimension to windows and really enhance the beauty of the room and frame the windows. Using more than one window treatment creates a polished finish to a room, making it feel complete and inviting.

Add Motorization And Smart Home integration For Convenience

Cozy homes feel safe and secure. Homes that are well cared for exude a sense of warmth and hospitality and motorization can help do just that.

During the holidays, schedules can become a bit more hectic and there is a lot of time spent out and about, so keeping your home well protected is important. That is where motorization and smart home integration comes into play.

While you may not be able to always be at home, utilizing smart home technology can make it appear like you are.

Simply program your motorized window treatments to open or shut when you want them to, or set them up to be operational from your phone.

Integrate other household operating systems, such as lights and thermostats and you won’t have to worry about your home looking like no one is there.

During the holidays, this can become incredibly handy for outdoor lights or decorations that need to be turned on or off.

Update Your Lighting To Set The Mood

Lights can make such an amazing difference to a space. Finding the right lighting can change the entire mood and feel of your room. During the holiday season especially, extra lighting is a wonderful addition to your interior and exterior.

Holiday lights are not the only consideration. Using softer lighting in your rooms can create a cozy atmosphere. Switch from overhead lights to lamps or floor lights placed strategically around the room and you will be amazed at the change in ambiance.

If you are looking for energy efficient lighting, consider switching out incandescent light bulbs for compact fluorescent bulbs (CFB) or LED bulbs which use almost 75% less energy and last longer. These bulbs sometimes emit cooler tones or harsh, direct light, but they are available in varying degrees of brightness. Finding the right brightness level will help give your rooms a softer glow.

Adding automation to your lights can be a great way to keep your home looking festive and secure whether you are at home or away. Connecting your lights to your phone can be a great way to make turning on and off your lights convenient. Some smart home technology can also allow you to program your lights to turn on and off at predetermined times. Automatic lights increase security, comfort, and convenience for you and your family.

Try Rearranging Furniture When Planning Your Winter Decor

Rearrange Furniture To Create A Cozy Atmosphere

The holidays may be a great time to reconsider your furniture placement. Holiday traditions may include some added decorations which may take up more space. While decorating, consider taking this time to change up the furniture placement in your rooms.

If you are expecting guests over the holidays, consider the flow of the rooms to accommodate extra people. Moving furniture to create more open space as well as intentional seating and gathering areas will help for parties and entertaining.

Living rooms and front rooms are often places that draw the most attention, but the kitchen is also a popular place for congregating. Consider other areas that become high traffic areas such as entryways or hallways that lead to the most accessible bathroom. By taking steps to rearrange these areas, you will ensure your guests are comfortable during their stay.

If anticipating overnight guests, then take a look at your guest room or other areas where your guests might be staying. Take time to walk through the space and see what feels most comfortable.

Even take a moment to look through your storage areas to ensure that there is some space for extra coats, boots, hats and other accessories. Entryway closets are often overlooked, but they can be in high demand when guests arrive with all their winter gear.

If you have a guest room, consider clearing out some space in the closet for your guests to hang up or store their luggage. Having places for visitors to store their belongings will help keep all the extra gear out of sight and out from underfoot.

Cozy Nooks Can Add to Your Winter Decor

Create Cozy Nooks For Quiet Moments

While rearranging furniture, consider using this as an opportunity to create cozy little areas for snuggling up with a book or other activities. Many times, overlooked corners can become darling little nooks. Why not optimize this space to make it more accessible!

Landings in between stairs often have beautiful windows that rarely get the admiration they deserve. With a little attention, these little areas can become charming little reading nooks.

Areas underneath the stairs can sometimes be repurposed for additional storage or to create a built in bar area or serving station for setting out hor d'oeuvres or festive foods and drinks.

Around the fireplace is always a wonderful place for gathering together whether it is to play a game, watch a movie, or just to spend time in conversation.

Be mindful of adding end tables, coffee tables, or other surfaces where things can be set down. These surfaces can also be fun places to set out conversational pieces such as picture frames, photo albums, or interesting knick knacks or souvenirs. When your guests are feeling comfortable and at ease, you will find that conversations will naturally flow.

Adding colorful blankets and throw pillows to your seating areas is a great way to ensure your guests feel comfortable and at home. Blankets and pillows are another way to incorporate festive holiday colors, patterns, and prints into your everyday décor. At Gotcha Covered, we work with vendors who specialize in using window treatment materials to create matching pillows, bedding, and other accessories.

Bring In Seasonal Greenery To Freshen Up Your Space

While the winter season is often known for the addition of holiday trees, there are lots of ways to incorporate greenery into your home for some natural winter decor options.

Consider adding fun wreaths to your front door or windows. Wreaths are beautiful decorations that are small enough to hang almost anywhere. Most wreaths are also able to be stored away and used year after year. Here are some beautiful wreath ideas from our friends at House Beautiful.

If you don’t want an entire tree, consider just adding a few boughs to your centerpieces or on top of mantles. The wonderful evergreen scent will instantly create a holiday ambiance that indulges all of the senses. Ribbons, bobbles, or bangles can also be added within the boughs to match the colors and motifs you are looking for.

Other seasonal plants can be a welcome addition to your rooms. Poinsettias and holly boughs are great ways to incorporate rich, vibrant colors to your space. These seasonal plants also make wonderful gifts for neighbors, family, and friends whom you might be visiting during the holidays.

Especially during the colder winter months, fresh greenery and plants are always a welcomed addition to the home.

Custom Bedding for Winter Decor

Add Comfortable Bedding To Ensure A Cozy Night’s Rest

Whether you are expecting guests during the holiday season or not, adding custom pillows, blankets, and pillows is a wonderful way to spruce up your home.

Guest rooms with custom bedding that match your gorgeous window treatments will make any visitor feel like they are getting VIP treatment.

Consider adding customized bedding and pillows to your own bedrooms as well for a completely unique look and feel that you are sure to love.

Accessories and pillows can also be added to your family rooms, living rooms, and even your outdoor living spaces! Having custom accessories that match your stunning window treatments will take your rooms to the next level.

Gotcha Covered works closely with vendors who specialize in customizing pillows and accessories using fabrics that are perfect for interior and exterior use. Be sure to specify what your needs are and your Gotcha Covered Design Expert will be able to show you the wide range of materials and options that are available. We are confident that we can help you find a perfect blend of functionality, style, and comfort.

Wrapping It All Up

The holidays are a wonderful time to bring people together and with the right choices, your home can be a warm and inviting place to do just that!

At Gotcha Covered, we offer amazing custom window treatments, bedding, and accessories that can add just the right personal touch to your home. We can walk you through the best options to maximize your home's winter decor potential and help keep you cozy this holiday season.

Our designers are experts at determining the best window treatments to fit your needs, style, and budget.

Call us at (888) 650-6187 or schedule a free design consultation today! We are now offering virtual and in-home consultations.

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