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Interior Design Trends To Look Forward To In 2022

Interior Design Trends To Look Forward To In 2022

As this year draws to a close, it is time to start looking forward to the fresh new styles and trends that are predicted for the new year!

Appreciation for our homes and the role they play in our everyday lives has increased significantly over the past year and we do not see that trend declining anytime soon.

As we get ready to ring in a brand new year, there are some design styles that will continue to grow in popularity along with some new trends that are just beginning to emerge.

This article is all about discussing some of the popular interior design styles and trends that are anticipated for 2022!

A growing trend for 2022 is the combination of colors and patterns to make a room more colorful and dynamic.

Design Trends 2022: Colors And Patterns

There is great anticipation for an upswing of using colors and patterns throughout interiors over the course of the next year.

Seeing more vibrant colors and playful patterns gaining popularity is usually an indication that hopefulness and joy are also on the rise. Colors play an important role in affecting our emotions, so be sure to pay close attention to how certain colors make you feel.

Contrasting Colors And Dramatic Accents

The way colors work with or against each other is important to consider. Contrasting colors can be extremely effective when used properly.

A popular prediction for 2022 will be an increase of muted contrasts. Expect to see certain colors take the forefront that are muted variations of their more popular parent color. Avocado or “guacamole” is a muted variation of a more traditional green that is expected to be seen everywhere.

Black accents are becoming more common to create a beautifully dramatic finish. Just imagine pairing avocado green with a jet black accent for a bold and dynamic effect.

As the top names in the paint and color industries begin to announce their color choices for the year, pay attention to common themes among them. With colors like “October Mist,” “Evergreen Fog.” “Breezeway,” and “Grey Suit” there seems to be a huge emphasis on muted colors with a natural and organic undertone. That does not mean that bold, jewel toned colors will not be also making their mark, but expect to see them more in a complementary role or as an accent color.

Earthy combinations are definitely on the rise with lots of greens, browns, yellows, and tans. Many neutrals will either take on a warmer feel to match with these earth tones or they will be a neutral with a grey undertone in contrast.

To see more Colors of the Year for 2022 from brand names like Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, visit

Mixing And Matching Playful Patterns

There is a rise in seeing patterns being used on top of other patterns to create a more interesting visual effect.

Mini floral prints which were considered old fashioned for a while are coming back. Layering a mini floral over a larger floral pattern is also becoming more popular.

Pinstripes, checks, and plaids are showing up in fashion as well as throughout interior décor. Combining more than one pattern is no longer a faux pas, but rather a fun and playful way to add more color and dynamic elements to a room. These patterns and prints also bring back a fun, retro look and add a sense of nostalgia to a space.

As with most things, balance is key. Using too many similar patterns or color variations can easily become chaotic and overwhelming. The goal is to make a space have a cohesive look and feel. Too many haphazard elements without a proper plan will just appear thrown together.

There are some wonderful tips and tricks that are helpful to follow when it comes to combining more than one pattern. To learn more, be sure to read this article Exploring Patterns To Make A Statement.

A popular trend for 2022 is combining different textures to create contrast and visual interest within a space.

Design Trends 2022: Meaningful Textures

Texture is often overlooked in interior design. Not on purpose, but it is usually one the last design elements to be considered throughout a project.

Texture is the nature of a surface and a way to make a visual element three dimensional. Any surface is typically rough or smooth, hard or soft, dull or shiny. We tend to take it for granted, but textures can evoke a different sense or feeling within a space without us realizing the catalyst that is causing the effect.

Think of walking into a room with sleek hardwood floors versus walking into the same room with thick, luscious carpet. Both spaces will create a very different feeling based on the textures underneath your feet, perhaps without you even noticing.

Textures are options available to us in almost every item we place inside our space. Whether we are making a conscious decision about them or not, they will still be there and will cause an effect.

Durable Materials

In 2022, materials and fabrics that are going to see the most use are going to be functional and long lasting. The emphasis will be more on how durable they are and whether they are easy to maintain.

Coming out of the pandemic brought a new heightened awareness to products that can be sterilized and kept clean. This is a trend that is not likely to go anywhere. Products that are multifunctional and easily cleaned are more popular than ever.

That doesn’t mean that style goes out the window. People expect more out of their products and want something that is both visually appealing and incredibly functional. They are also looking for something that will last a very long time. This plays into the materials, which will need to be durable and well built, as well as the style, which must be relevant and timeless.

Luxurious Fabrics

One type of material that is rising in popularity is velvet. The plush fabric is being used in everything from furniture to throw pillows and even draperies to create a feeling of opulence and luxury.

Any thick, soft textured material is going to give a feeling of comfort and warmth. Velvet will make a room feel cozy and elegant at the same time. Other softer fabrics and materials will also be a popular choice to add layers to other hard, smooth surfaces.

A burlap runner on top of a smooth wood coffee table, sideboard, or mantle for example will combine two very different textures to create a finished look. Long thick rugs on sleek hardwood floors, or floor length draperies over wood shutters, are other examples of contrasting textures coming together. Finding ways to layer different textures together gives a dynamic feel to the interior which creates visual interest in a space.

Intricate Flooring Patterns

Flooring that utilizes patterns and geometric shapes is a rising trend. Examples such as hardwood floors with a herringbone pattern, tile floors with geometric repeating shapes, and interlocking plank wood tiles are becoming increasingly popular.

Hardwood floors have been seen more and more due to the sleek, finished look and clean, uncluttered feel. Carpets and rugs do add a sense of warmth to a space, but often look and feel dusty or dirty. Rugs that are machine washable are a rising interest since they are easier to maintain and can be regularly washed.

Adding a smaller area rug is a great way of layering textures and combining different patterns. It also allows for different colors to be used as a complement to one another. Carpets and rugs of various sizes and shapes can be a fun addition to a room without having to redo the entire floor.

Minimalism uses the concept that less is more and emphasizes the use of the space and items that are multifunctional.

Design Trend 2022: Minimalism

Minimalism has been on the rise for quite a few years now, and that does not seem to be going away anytime soon.

After spending more time at home, many are finding more calm and less stress when there is less clutter.

The foundational principle of minimalism is the idea that less is more. The first step in the process is to declutter and simplify.

Minimalistic rooms feel more open and airy. The emphasis shifts to being more focused on the space itself and how everything in it is serving a specific purpose or function. Multifunctional furniture and products are especially beneficial since they can serve in more than one capacity.

Furniture that can be rearranged and reorganized easily is becoming increasingly popular. Couches that break apart into smaller sections and can be reconfigured to make a new arrangement is an excellent example. Instead of a living room set that is heavy and cumbersome and stays exactly the same for twenty years, there are now options to create very different layouts for various occasions.

When your furniture and accessories are multifunctional, you do not need as much and can create more space in between.

Zen Inspired Spaces

Zen is in. Zen inspired spaces are more about cultivating an atmosphere of tranquility and calm. Minimal ornamentation, lots of open space, and nature inspired colors, fabrics and accessories create an interior design style that is organic and fluid.

Rounded lines and curved edges fit into the feeling of zen that this design style is incorporating. Curved lines are softer and more fluid and embrace a more romantic feel. Rounded furniture and accessories create more inclusive and intimate spaces.

Finding ways to bring nature indoors is key to creating an atmosphere of zen. Materials such as bamboo, wicker, rattan, and other organic fibers bring an element of nature into the space.

Bringing in plants or succulents is a great way to make a space feel fresh and alive. Living plants also improve the health and wellness of a space by helping to circulate the air and uplift the mood.

Going green is more than just bringing elements of nature indoors. Creating a space that is eco-friendly is about finding materials that are sustainable and responsibly sourced.

Eco-friendly thermostats and window treatments help to increase the energy efficiency of the home while keeping everyone comfortable. Having these programs connected to a smart home system keeps everything running smoothly whether you are at home or away.

Keeping your home energy efficient is also a great way to help lower your utility bills each month. To learn more about energy efficient window treatments be sure to read this article Window Treatments Could Save You Hundreds Each Month.

Showcase Your Personality

Just because minimalism is rising in popularity does not mean that there is a lack of personality and charm. It just means there is more thought and intention placed on a fewer number of accessories or artwork that are on display. Items are carefully selected and then placed at the forefront to represent a personal experience or interest.

Antiques and family heirlooms are popular items to showcase. Finding and repurposing pieces of furniture, wall hangings, or other fixtures is a great way to upcycle something that has a history and a story all its own. Plus, giving a second hand piece a fresh start in a new location can feel more environmentally friendly and often be a little less expensive at the same time.

Spaces that tell a global story are becoming more popular since travel has been relatively limited for many of us. Incorporating personal souvenirs or items that reminisce about exotic places and personal journeys bring this sense of adventure into our homes.

Other design elements and artwork that incorporate surrealism and fantasy are also finding a special place in certain interiors. Surrealism and fantasy provide an escape from the here and now. They inspire a sense of wonder and imagination that are not always present in our everyday life. When it comes to what makes our rooms speak about us, finding these elements that showcase our personalities and interests are far more engaging than just well designed décor.

Working remotely requires a functional home office to create an optimal atmosphere for productivity.

Design Trend 2022: Inclusive Home Offices

There has been a continued rise in remote working opportunities. Working from home requires a functional home office to create an optimal atmosphere for productivity.

Gone are the days where grabbing a barstool at the counter or pulling a desk chair into the corner of a living room or den is going to be sufficient. There are virtual chats and video conference calls that all need an assigned space that is free from distractions.

A designated office that is separate from the rest of the household is now a necessity for many and making this space comfortable is crucial.

Comfort and function are both of paramount importance in the design of a home office and lighting will play a critical role in both. Artificial lighting can be harsh so any way to increase the amount of natural light will be a huge benefit.

Office Window Treatments For Light Control

Control options for window treatments will allow as much ambient light as possible to enter without causing glare.

Blinds or shutters that have operable slats or vanes allow for a range of light to enter based on their orientation without the entire treatment needing to be opened or closed.

Window treatments that have options to allow diffused light to enter will be a wonderful addition to an office space where light control and privacy are necessary. Shades that have more than one layer provide a range of options for how much light is able to enter while keeping the window covered.

Smart Home Systems For Office Spaces

Control is important for maintaining a comfortable environment without disrupting the daily workflow. It is incredibly unproductive to have to get up and adjust the window shades every time the light shifts.

Motorized window shades are adjusted automatically either by a switch or remote. Some can be scheduled to raise and lower on a preset schedule or they can be connected to an app on a phone or tablet. This puts complete control at your fingertips and allows you to focus more on the tasks in front of you without excessive disruptions.

A home office should be a place where you are comfortable and able to perform at your best. For more suggestions on how to optimize your office space, be sure to read our article 5 Tips To Make Your Home Office A Place Of Productivity And Efficiency.

A growing trend for 2022 is giving the kitchen a well deserved makeover since this room is the heart of the home and a natural place to gather.

Design Trends 2022: Kitchen Makeovers

Just as working from home has become more prevalent, spending more time in our own kitchens has also been on the rise.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and a natural place to gather and spend time together. This extremely overused area of the home deserves a makeover. This year’s trends are showing that remodels and kitchen upgrades are getting more attention.

Clean And Uncluttered Kitchen Counters

Everyone wants a clean and comfortable kitchen. Keeping with the popularity of minimalism, there is a growing demand for appliances that are sleek, stylish and serve more than one purpose.

Kitchens with wide open counter tops and decluttered surfaces create a clean, minimalistic look and feel.

Many appliances that are just cluttering up the countertops are being traded out for a more efficient product that can be stored out of sight. Smart home appliances are also becoming more desirable since they can improve functionality and are oftentimes much more energy efficient.

Finding creative ways to add extra seating and areas of interest within an open kitchen floor plan allows for entertaining to happen right in the kitchen itself. Central islands create a common gathering space where people can congregate while still allowing for movement. Dining at a bar top or counter space is more inviting and less formal which is what it seems people are more attracted to after so much time apart. The emphasis is shifting more to spending time together and less about hosting a formal dinner experience.

Open Kitchen Windows

Even when it comes to a simple kitchen décor, there is still a desire to make the space warm and cozy. The best way to keep a kitchen inviting is with light.

Using soft white light bulbs in the kitchen is a great way to make the space feel comfortable and relaxed. Having lights on a dimmer switch is a great way to play with the levels of light to help set the desired mood.

Natural light is a wonderful way to brighten up a kitchen. Of course the direction the kitchen windows face will determine the amount of light this room receives throughout the day. East facing windows will receive the strongest light first thing in the morning and west facing windows will receive the most light in the late afternoon and evening.

The harshest light will most likely be when the sun is at its most direct position. At this point, the natural light might be more of an interference than a benefit. Window treatments that can be quickly lowered into place to prevent this intense glare will be incredibly helpful.

Kitchen window treatments need to be functional and durable. Depending on the location of the windows, moisture could also be a factor. For windows near a sink or stove top, spray or splatter may be a consideration. Hard window treatments with easy to clean materials such as faux wood blinds or vinyl roller shades, will be the best option for these areas. Soft window treatments such as Roman shades or curtains, would be a better choice for windows further away from these areas.


The start of a new year is a great time to consider something fresh and new. Design trends are a fun way to give your home a brand new look and feel!

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