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Make the Right Impression by Choosing the Right Window Coverings for Your Business

Homes are the most common setting for window treatments. However, commercial spaces also greatly benefit from well-thought-out window coverings. When choosing the right window coverings for your business, consider functionality and aesthetics. Decorative features enhance the appeal and comfort of the space. Functional features reduce operational costs and improve both customer and employee comfort. By following these tips, your business can make the right impression.

Unique Business Needs

Commercial window treatments must provide the functionality to warrant the investment. Not every business is the same, so the first step is to determine the unique needs of your commercial space. Office spaces typically need light control to reduce glare. Healthcare facilities require privacy-increasing window treatments with anti-microbial properties and fire-rated fabrics. Most commercial spaces benefit from UV blocking fabric.


If your commercial space needs to create a specific level of privacy, commercial window treatments are necessary. Blinds, shades and draperies can all provide varying privacy levels.

Light Control

Light-filtering commercial window treatments create a more comfortable environment for employees and customers. The first step is to decide how much light control you need. The least amount of light control only blocks harmful UV rays. This could be with roller or solar shades.

The highest level of light control is room darkening window treatments. These window treatments are ideal for meeting rooms. They can also create a dark and quiet space for sound control, meetings, presentations, and privacy.

Energy Efficiency

Operational costs are a consideration when considering commercial window covering solutions. Installing custom window treatments can reduce facility costs by helping regulate indoor temperature. Cellular shades, insulated draperies, and solar shades address energy efficiency concerns.

Location and Placement

The location of the windows can influence the type and style of window treatment that would best suit them. Windows at the front of commercial spaces are customer-facing. They contribute to a customer’s first impression of the business. Windows in a private space that only employees see contributes to employee morale and productivity.

Directional positioning also influences the ideal window treatment. For example, west-facing windows experience strong, direct afternoon sun that can make a commercial space hot. However, south-facing windows have the greatest amount of sunlight that comes in throughout the day. In contrast, north-facing windows receive the least amount of light. Finally, east-facing windows experience gentle morning light. Window treatments should change to address the amount of light and heat experienced.

Motorized Window Treatments

A commercial space with high ceilings creates plenty of space. However, it also means having windows that are out of reach. This is an ideal situation for the installation of motorized window treatments. By embracing technology, you can create a seamless customer and employee experience. Adjust all window shades at the same time. Create schedules for automatic adjustment throughout the day. Eliminate the need for an employee to monitor and adjust the shades, improving productivity.


Durability, maintenance, and functionality are a priority. However, you should not forget about aesthetics. Employees and customers may not intentionally pay attention. In contrast, your commercial window treatments subtly contribute to the overall experience. Window treatments are an opportunity to make an impression and reinforce brand image.

Window Treatment Elements

Consider color, pattern, and material when selecting a window treatment. Choose a design style that compliments the brand personality. For example, would modern, minimalist, coastal, or traditional be the best fit? Roller shades look chic and modern with a low-profile design.

Some window treatments create a branding opportunity. For example, roller shades can have a logo, graphic, or other business messaging printed on the outside. This maintains communication with customers even when the shades are fully closed.

Durability and Maintenance

When purchasing window coverings for a business, they need to last. Similar to commercial furniture and flooring, the shades will experience heavy wear and tear.

When looking for durable window coverings for your business, focus on commercial-grade materials. Choose durable fabrics that don’t collect dust and are easy to clean. Finally, look for window treatments that have UV-resistant properties. This increases durability by reducing sun damage.

Cordless shades are popular because they offer safety features, a clutter-free look and are low-maintenance to use. This window treatment design does not require cords, which addresses child safety concerns.

Another durable option is faux wood blinds. They are more durable than natural wood blinds. The faux wood is resistant to changing temperatures and humidity.

Safety Compliance

Commercial spaces need to provide a level of safety that ensures the employees, customers, and anyone else remains safe while on the premises. For window treatments, they shouldn’t block the windows to prevent someone from escaping should there be a fire or another emergency.

At a minimum, the materials used should be rated for commercial use and have a fire-retardant treatment. However, some businesses require additional safety considerations. For example, businesses that involve childcare or healthcare services. You wouldn’t choose a window treatment with cords that could pose a choking risk to children. In Canada, corded window treatments are not even an option. If you operate a healthcare facility, you want to choose a fabric that doesn’t harbor germs or bacteria.

Finally, building or municipal codes can vary greatly. Your Gotcha Covered consultant can guide you through these requirements.

You are the expert of your business, and you utilize your expertise to assist customers and clients daily. So why not consult the experts to choose the right window coverings for your business? The knowledgeable team members at Gotcha Covered can provide custom-tailored solutions. This could include providing product suggestions that address unique challenges.

Commercial Window Treatments

By considering these tips and consulting with a commercial window treatment professional, you can choose the perfect window coverings to enhance your business environment and leave a positive impression on customers and employees alike. Combine aesthetics and function by choosing high-quality window coverings for your business.

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