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Bring the Outdoors In With Natural Wood Shades

Embrace modern home interior design trends by bringing the outdoors in. By using natural elements and materials, you create a warm and inviting space. Often referred to as bamboo shades or matchstick shades, natural woven wood shades are perfect for adding a touch of the outdoors to your home’s design.

What Are Natural Wood Shades? drapery options

Shades are a type of window treatment that uses a single piece of fabric or material that can raise and lower to cover the window pane. Natural wood shades use fine wood, bamboo, reed, raffia, or grass to create a fabric-like material. Tight weave patterns create visual interest and texture. When fully extended, they hang flat within the window frame. They can fold flat, wrap around a bar, or create an overlapping design when fully opened.

Material and Design Options custom window treatments

The options are endless with natural wood shades. Natural materials are sourced worldwide to offer a broad range of colors and textures. Within each color, you will see multiple color shades. Because natural material is used, there is color variation with dark and light pieces. Expert artisans ensure that these are evenly dispersed for the best visual impact.

In addition to color, there are also endless weave patterns. The material and tightness of the weave will determine the shade’s opacity. A loose weave will allow more natural light into your home. In contrast, tight weaves are more opaque for stronger light control and increased privacy.


A valance is an accent piece that tops your window treatment. It gives your windows a polished and elegant look. The right valance design can add height and dimension to your windows. Adding a valance to your natural wood shades elevates their design. You can add a valence made from matching woven wood or accent your shades with fabric valances.

Decorative Trim

Adding decorative trim to your natural wood shades can give them a customized look. It can also help them blend with the rest of the room’s interior design. With design flexibility, you can add as few or as many as you like. Decorative trim on the edge gives the shade a clean look. Beaded or decorative trim along the top adds a touch of glamor. Valance ties or scalloping on the valance edge create visual interest.


Similar to fabric shades, you can add automation to woven shades. Motorized shades will raise and lower with the touch of a button. You could also schedule them to adjust automatically for the perfect amount of natural light and privacy throughout the day.

Horizons Shadescustom patterned window treatments

The woven wood shades from Horizons Shades come in over 120 natural material options. Homeowners can also choose from classic, hobbled, or waterfall Roman shade designs. A nice customization feature is the attached or separate linings. This lets you move the shade and lining either together or individually. Finally, the Averte Natural Fold line uses a woven wood design in a soft drapery. This is perfect for coordinating windows with different treatment needs to have the same natural woven look.

Hunter Douglas custom window treatments

The natural materials used in Hunter Douglas woven shades are globally sourced to bring homeowners over 70 material and color options. Full customization is possible with Roman, waterfall Roman, and vertical drapery styles available. In addition, soft, full, crisp, and flat-folding styles are available. Finally, there are several control mechanisms available, including motorization.

Graber custom window treatments

The Graber woven shades are handwoven with jute, bamboo, wood, or grass. They come in a range of designs, including standard, old-style, and looped Roman. There is also a bottom-up/top-down option for maximum functionality. Graber also makes matching wood draperies and sliding panels for a coordinated look.

Benefits of Woven Wood Shades custom window treatments

Using woven wooden shades in your home gives it a relaxed look that helps a house become a home. The woven design of the natural material creates varying amounts of light control. The soft light filtering is perfect for keeping your home bright but not too harsh. You can have the greatest amount of functionality with multiple shades on one headrail. There is also an endless amount of customization. This helps homeowners create the perfect look for their home and personal taste.

Styling Woven Wood Shades custom window treatments

Because wood shades can use a wide variety of materials and weave patterns, they are incredibly flexible when used in interior design. Their natural and subtle earthy feel adds subtle texture to the space that would otherwise feel too monochrome or bland. You can use woven shades with transitional, coastal, contemporary, traditional, farmhouse, or casual designs.


When using woven wood shades in the bedroom, consider adding a light-blocking liner. That way, you can get the best night’s sleep. Otherwise, consider choosing a tighter weave that will block the most light and provide you with the greatest amount of privacy.

Dining Room

The design flexibility of woven wood shades means they can look beautiful in a casual or formal dining room. The various colors let you coordinate your shades with the wood furniture in the dining room. To elevate the easy comfort of wood shades, pair them with drapery panels. Choose a fabric that’s considered more formal and layer them over the shades. The result is a polished design that elevates the look of the shades.

Living Room

Slightly rustic yet refined, woven wooden shades are a perfect addition to your living room. A light weave design creates a soft, light-filtering effect that makes your living room bright and welcoming. Or layer them with fabric draperies for a cozy and comfortable space.


Woven wood blinds are perfect for the kitchen because they are low maintenance. Clean them by wiping them down with a damp cloth. The natural material is less susceptible to staining than fabric. If they get grease or food particles staining, the natural color variation helps hide it. The low profile design of the shade makes them safer than traditional drapery window treatments.

Bring the Outdoors in With Woven Wooden Shades

Bring the outdoors in with one of the most popular window shades on the market today. Woven wooden shades bring natural color, warmth, and texture to any space. We work with the most reputable window treatment manufacturers to bring homeowners limitless options in color, style, and functionality.

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