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Bring your windows to life with beautiful and custom blinds! Our team at Gotcha Covered of North Kitchener-Waterloo and Brantford has years of experience helping homeowners convert their windows into something special. Whether you are interested in blinds for functionality needs or aesthetic reasons, our team can help you and more.

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Types of Blinds We Offer

Variety is important when making design choices for your home. At Gotcha Covered of North Kitchener-Waterloo and Brantford we provide a wide variety of types, designs, and colors for blinds in your home.

Types of blinds our Kitchener blinds company offers:

  • Aluminum Blinds – Also known as mini blinds, Venetian blinds, or metal blinds, these are a cost-effective and simple solution for most windows. These blinds provide a simple look and can be designed in a variety of colors.
  • Vinyl Blinds – Durable, universal, simple, and classic, these blinds can seamlessly work in any room. They are long-lasting and cost-efficient, making them a popular choice for households.
  • Wood Blinds – These blinds provide a natural look that also elevates the aesthetic of your home. We offer wood blinds in many types of wood, include oak, ash, cherry, basswood, and more.
  • Faux Wood Blinds – With all the look of real wood, these blinds have that natural look and elegance but at a more affordable cost. They are also easier to maintain and clean than real wood blinds, making them a preferred choice for many households.
  • S-Curve Blinds – The unique shape of these blinds allows for more light control and privacy than others. Unlike blinds that have flat slats that allow some light in, the S-Curve slat bends together, creating an even darker interior when closed.
  • Sheer Blinds – Much like curtains or fabric blinds, this type of blind has a soft aesthetic that can lighten any room. For those that want privacy while allowing light to filter in, sheer blinds might be the design-look you are going for.
  • And more

Check out our portfolio for more ideas on blinds you might like!

How to Choose a Type of Blind

Even though you might have decided to get new blinds, there is still the question of which blinds to add to your home. Our dedicated team of Kitchener design consultants can help you through finding the best kind of blinds for you and your windows.

Here are some things that can guide you towards what kind of blinds are best suited for you:

  • Light Control – Being able to control how much light comes in through your window is important. Light can cause glares on your electronics and can even bleach your furniture or carpet. To protect your things and keep the optimal amount of light for you, you will want to consider how much light you need to block out for your home.
  • Aesthetic Impact – New blinds can be a WOW factor in a room. When you are trying to choose which blinds to have installed in your Kitchener home, consider how the design and look of each type will tie into the aesthetic of your home.
  • Window Shape – Odd shaped windows can be stressful to dress. If you are looking to add blinds to your home, it is important to consider the shapes of your windows when choosing types and designs. At Gotcha Covered of North Kitchener-Waterloo and Brantford we can help you through what designs look best for what shapes.
  • Desired Insulation – Blinds can have a big impact on insulating your home and keeping heating or cooling costs down. When looking at new window coverings, you might want to consider that up to 25% of a home’s heating or cooling costs are attributed to loss through windows. Our team at Gotcha Covered of North Kitchener-Waterloo and Brantford can help you keep costs down and energy in.
  • Cost – Just because you want to replace or upgrade your current window treatments, doesn’t mean you have to break the bank to do it. As a reliable Kitchener blind company, we offer many beautiful and modern options that are also cost-efficient. You can make your home look a million bucks without needing to spend that much!

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