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Brighten Up Your Kitchen With A Window Treatment Upgrade

Brighten Up Your Kitchen With A Window Treatment Upgrade

Bright and inviting kitchen windows make a home feel warm and welcoming. The kitchen is the heart of the home and if yours is anything like ours, it has recently been working overtime.

Now might be the best time to consider giving your overworked kitchen a little TLC and the best place to start is with your kitchen window treatments! In this article, we are going to share some of the top things to consider before upgrading your kitchen window treatments.

The location of any kitchen window will determine the best type of treatment and material for the job.

Location, Location, Location

When it comes to finding the right window treatments for the kitchen, one of the biggest considerations is going to be location. Windows that are within proximity of sinks or stove tops are at risk of being splattered with water, oil, steam or more. The location of the window will determine the best type of treatment and material for the job.

Here are some important factors to consider for kitchen window treatments based on their location.

The Best Window Treatments For Over The Sink Kitchen Windows

Kitchen windows over a sink will need to be able to withstand moisture.

Consider window treatments made with vinyl, metal or faux wood options for this area since those materials will not be damaged by a little water.

That’s not to say that you can’t use soft window treatments at all. Fabric treatments, such as cellular shades or Roman shades, might be a great choice as long as the material is easy to clean.

Window treatments will also need to be kept up and out of the way in order to ensure nothing is dangling into the sink or getting in the way causing unnecessary damage or mess. Long fabric treatments, like side panels, are better kept further away from the sink area.

Here are some of the best types of window treatments for over-the-sink windows:

The Best Window Treatments For Kitchen Windows Near A Cooking Range

Similar to windows that are in close proximity to the sink, the cooking range will also need window treatments that can withstand moisture, steam, and other types of splatter.

Window treatments will also need to be kept out of the way since stray pieces of fabric or trim could become a fire hazard.

Even certain types of composite or faux wood may be susceptible to heat or steam, so be sure to ask before deciding on a window treatment that is made from these materials.

Easy to clean materials will be more important in areas near a stove top since cooking can sometimes be a messy business.

The best types of materials for window treatments near a cooking range will be metal or vinyl materials that can withstand heat and moisture.

Here are some of the best window treatment options for kitchen windows near a cooking range:

  • Metal horizontal blinds
  • Vinyl shutters
  • Roller shades
  • Vertical blinds

The Best Window Treatments For Kitchen Skylights

Kitchen skylights are a stunning addition that instantly add more light and brightness to any space.

These amazing windows may also present a different sort of challenge when it comes to needing a little light control.

Since skylights are hard to reach, accessibility will be the primary consideration when it comes to adding window treatments.

Shades or shutters that can be opened and closed with the use of an extension hook may be all that is needed.

For a little more convenience, motorized window treatments are the best way to maintain control of your window treatments with the push of a button.

Remember that hot air rises, so if insulating or preventing energy loss is a primary concern, you may want to consider a type of treatment that is more energy efficient such as cellular or honeycomb shades.

For more information on choosing the best window treatments for skylights, be sure to read our article Ideas And Tips For Tackling Those Unique Windows.

The Best Window Treatments For Sliding Glass And French Doors In The Kitchen

Window treatments for doorways need to take into consideration the motion and operation through and around these areas.

Window treatments shouldn’t create an unnecessary obstacle or hinder the use of the doors.

For sliding glass doors, any window treatments should open the same direction as the door. Window treatments that can stack neatly and out of the way will be an added benefit.

The biggest consideration for French doors will be the accessibility to handles or door knobs. Any window treatments will need to be a low profile in order to not interfere with the operation of the door. They will also need to be firmly affixed to the door to prevent the treatment from swinging away or crashing into the doors or walls when opening and closing.

For more information about the best window treatment options for sliding glass doors and French doors, be sure to read this article The Best Window Treatment Options For Patio Doors.

Light control, energy efficiency and privacy are all factors that window treatments can provide that every kitchen space should consider incorporating.

Functionality Is Key For Kitchen Window Treatments

The kitchen is a very functional room in the home and as such, requires window coverings that aid in those functions.

Light control, energy efficiency and privacy are all factors that window treatments can provide that every kitchen space should consider incorporating.

The Best Kitchen Window Treatments For Light Control

Light control is a factor that almost every kitchen window treatment needs to provide.

The direction that the windows face will determine how much exposure the kitchen will have and at what time the sunlight will be the most direct.

East facing windows will have the most intense sunlight when the sun is rising. While this may make the kitchen warm and bright first thing in the morning, no one wants to have the sun in their eyes while trying to enjoy their breakfast.

West facing windows will have the opposite effect. The direct sunlight will be streaming in during the late afternoon and evening as the sun sets. Again, while the view may be spectacular, blinding glare is not always conducive to meal prepping or entertaining.

In either scenario, a certain degree of light control is necessary in order to make the kitchen a functional and comfortable space.

Window treatments are the best way to provide a level of light control that can be adjusted throughout the day as needed.

When it comes to light control, versatility is your friend. Window treatments with adjustable slats or vanes are a huge benefit because they can be turned to various angles to provide as much coverage as needed. Once the sun has moved on, they can be readjusted as desired to allow more or less natural ambient light in.

Another great option for window treatments that don’t have adjustable vanes or slats are top down/bottom up shades. These shades are mounted in the middle and can be raised from the bottom up or lowered from the top down. This allows for one portion of the window to be open while the other side remains covered.

Light control doesn’t have to be just about completely blocking out the light. Softening some of the light that comes in through a window can sometimes be just as effective. Semi-opaque materials such as woven wood or sheers allow diffused light to enter the room. This helps prevent harsh glare while still letting in some softer ambient light.

Layering more than one material provides multiple options to allow the right amount of light to enter the room. Use liners with shades that are not completely light blocking to provide more light control or add a sheer underneath a solid treatment for a softer, diffused lighting option.

Remember, when it comes to light control, having a range of options is key.

Here are some of the best window treatments for light control:

  • Horizontal blinds
  • Shutters
  • Vertical blinds
  • Top down bottom up shades
  • Layered shades, liners, and sheers

The Best Kitchen Window Treatments For Energy Efficiency

The kitchen is often the center of activity in the home and window treatments can be very beneficial in providing insulation to keep the room warm and cozy.

Windows are a leading source of energy loss within the home and using energy efficient window treatments is one of the best ways to prevent unnecessary heat loss.

Not all window treatments will provide the same amount of energy efficiency.

Cellular shades use a unique design to trap air in honeycomb shaped pockets between the pieces of material that make up the shade. This is why these shades are sometimes also called honeycomb shades. The pockets of air act as extra insulation between the interior temperature and the window panes.

Roman shades that are made with thicker fabrics will be more insulating than shades that are more sheer. Of course, adding additional layers or liners to any window coverings will increase the insulation and decrease the amount of heat lost.

Keep in mind that the ability for a window treatment to prevent energy loss will be predominantly determined by the type or material or fabric used in its construction.

Some of the best window treatment for energy efficiency are:

  • Cellular or honeycomb shades
  • Roman shades
  • Roller shades with liners
  • Multiple layered window treatments

The Best Kitchen Window Treatments For Privacy

Privacy is always a concern for any windows. When the sun starts to set and interior lights go on, everything inside the home can feel like it is instantly on display.

Depending on the position of your kitchen windows, privacy concerns may be something to consider.

Any functional treatment that provides coverage to the window will also deliver a certain degree of privacy. Just like with light control, the opacity of the material will determine the amount of coverage the treatment provides.

A good rule to follow is if you can see something through the material, most likely, the same is true from the outside looking in.

Once again, window treatments that are adjustable will be the best option to provide a certain amount of privacy as desired.

Blinds and shutters with moveable vanes and slats are very versatile and great for adding privacy. The entire window treatment can be raised or lowered to open fully or partially depending on the level of coverage needed.

Top down/bottom up shades are another great option since the top portion can be left open to allow for light and beautiful views while the bottom section can be closed for privacy.

Great window treatment options that provide privacy are:

  • Top down/bottom up shades
  • Horizontal or vertical blinds
  • Roller shades
  • Roman shades
  • Shutters

The kitchen is a wonderful room to add a touch of personality, style, and flair and window treatments are a great place to start!

Have Fun With Style

The kitchen is a wonderful room to add a touch of personality, style, and flair and window treatments are a great place to start!

Everyone wants a bright and cheerful kitchen that exudes warmth while still looking clean and tidy. While most countertops, cabinets, or appliances may be more neutral colored, that doesn’t mean you can’t add splashes of bright colors and vibrant patterns.

Window treatments are a great place to add a decorative touch without cluttering the rest of the space.

Here are a few fun ways to add some style to your window treatments without detracting from the functional requirements of your kitchen.

Add A Top Treatment

Perhaps your kitchen windows do not need a window treatment for light control or privacy, but you can always add just a top treatment as a fun way to complete the look of your space.

Top treatments such as valances, cornices, window scarves, and swags are specifically designed to only cover the top portion of a window.

While these are often used to cover the hardware of another window treatment, they are also beautifully decorative features that can be used all on their own.

Top treatments come in a variety of materials and styles.

Fabric top treatments can use any sort of patterns, prints, colors, and opacities. Or opt for a wood or faux wood cornice to add to the top of your kitchen window.

When it comes to a soft top treatment the styles are practically endless with different pleats, gathers, pinches, and folds. Not to mention the ability to add on banding, trim, and other ornamentation.

The great thing about just adding a top treatment is that you can custom create it to be as simple or ornate as you wish and you know it will be out of the way since it is above the kitchen windows.

Layer More Than One Treatment

Now that we have gotten you excited for top treatments, the best way to get the most out of your window treatments is to layer more than one over your windows.

Start with a simple treatment such as a roller shade, which is incredibly functional and easy to clean and add a bright and cheerful valance to the top. The finished product is a perfect blend of both function and style.

Cute curtains are often thought of as a kitchen standard because they are short enough to stay out of the way.

Decorative curtains or café curtains may be a great alternative to full length window curtains since they only hang half way through the window. These can be paired with horizontal blinds or shutters for a gorgeous completed look.

Play With Colors And Patterns

The kitchen is a wonderful place to get to play with colors and patterns. Using fun and playful fabrics is a great way to add these touches.

If the rest of the kitchen is more neutral colored, consider choosing an accent color. Adding colorful backsplashes, dish towels, or a statement wall hanging can be other ways of incorporating the same accent color.

Patterns add a dynamic feel and visual interest to a space. Feel free to add more than one pattern or print, especially with layered window treatments.

Just because you have checkered curtains doesn’t mean that the valance has to match. Play around with using different prints and patterns and be sure to incorporate solids and neutrals too.

As with most things, the key is in finding a balance so that everything works together and doesn’t feel disorganized or thrown together.

For more great tips on how to play with patterns, be sure to check out this article Exploring Patterns To Make A Statement.


Window treatments play an important part in any room, especially the kitchen.

They are pivotal in helping each room serve its primary purpose while adding beauty and elegance to the space.

No matter which room of your house you are looking to upgrade with window treatments, Gotcha Covered has what you need.

With thousands of options available, your Gotcha Covered design expert will be able to help you narrow down the choices to find what will serve you best. Our goal is to help you find the perfect window treatments to fit with your lifestyle and needs.

Reach out to us today and see what our Gotcha Covered Design Team can do for your home! Call us at (888) 650-6187 or schedule a free design consultation today!