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The Best Window Treatments For Your Commercial Space

Window treatments play an important role in our home life, but they also play a prominent and critical role in the commercial world as well.

Take a moment to stop and notice just how many windows there are around you. Almost every building has at least one window.

Windows are such an important part of architecture, allowing visibility between the interior and the exterior. Window treatments add light control, privacy, energy efficiency, and décor to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of any window.

In this article, let’s take a closer look at the different types of commercial spaces and the window treatments they most often require.

Commercial window treatments for medical offices should provide light control and privacy.

Window Treatment Solutions for Medical Offices

Medical facilities such as doctors offices, hospitals, veterinary clinics, or dentist offices will have different window treatment needs for different areas.

Public access areas, such as lobbies or waiting rooms, will require window treatments that provide light control and add a bit of décor to the space.

Treatment rooms, exam rooms, or private offices that have windows will need window treatments that offer privacy. Some of these rooms may also require light and temperature control.

While decorative, soft window treatments may add a touch of elegance to a lobby or waiting room, they will rarely be seen in any other areas of a medical facility. Fabrics tend to collect allergens and airborne particles more easily. For medical safety standards, hard window treatments or antimicrobial and fire rated fabrics are the best option for these areas.

As in most situations, the needs of each space will determine the best window treatments for the job and functionality is the first priority.

Horizontal Blinds For Medical Offices

Horizontal blinds are an excellent choice for medical facilities because they are durable and versatile.

Horizontal blinds can be designed to fit almost any window size or shape which means all windows can have a uniform look and style.

These blinds are simple, but are available in a variety of materials and color options to fit with the style and décor of any space.

Horizontal blinds are also excellent at providing light control and privacy, both of which are important functions for window treatments in medical offices.

Roller Shades For Medical Offices

Roller shades are a wonderfully simplistic window treatment option with a wide range of possibilities.

Roller shades can come in a variety of fabric options which allow different amounts of light to pass through. Depending on the material, roller shades can provide complete privacy and light control.

When rolled up into an open position, roller shades are less noticeable than other window treatments. Their sleek profile allows them to retreat up into the top portion of the window, keeping the rest of the window free from obstruction.

With their simple style, roller shades are a great foundation for layering more decorative window treatments such as curtains, valances, or cornices when desired.

Cubicle Curtains For Medical Offices

A unique situation with medical spaces is the need for privacy curtains or cubicle curtains.

Sometimes a single room needs to become a double occupancy room and cubicle curtains can do just that.

While privacy is the primary objective, cleanliness and sanitation are just as important. It is important that these curtains are washable, durable, and also flame resistant. Special antimicrobial material is ideal for these curtains to ensure all health and safety protocols are met.

Shades and screens are excellent commercial window treatments options for retail locations because they can be printed with logos and branding.

Window Treatment Solutions For Retail Locations

Retail spaces have the unique dilemma of needing to be visible from the outside in, while also being able to provide light control and security.

Retail spaces typically have large windows to display items for sale. These extra large windows also need something to help regulate the amount of light coming into the store to maintain a comfortable environment.

Window treatments that deflect the sunlight but are still able to be seen through are ideal for these spaces.

Sun Screens For Retail Locations

Sun screens, also known as solar shades, are roller shades that cover windows with a mesh screen instead of a solid piece of material.

These window treatments are still able to be seen through, but cut the amount light that is able to enter. Depending on how closely woven the material is will determine how much light passes through. This allows for visibility while still providing a certain amount of light control.

Another benefit of a sun screen shade is that they also block UV rays which helps prevent fading and damage to products or valuables in the space.

Some sun screens can be printed on so that branding or logos can be displayed in the windows. This is a great way to make the most of available space for advertising and marketing purposes.

With the addition of a spline attachment, the user can change out the shade cloth or circulate the shade cloths per season.

Roller Shades For Retail Locations

Roller shades are another great option for retail locations and can also be printed on with logos or branding.

Roller shades will offer more light control and privacy which might be optimal for certain retail locations.

Retail spaces with very high windows that need more coverage may prefer roller shades for the top portions of the windows. The shades can be kept open on the lower portion of the store window during operating hours, and then lowered to cover the rest of the window after business hours.

Having brand information or logos on the outside of these roller shades is a great way to advertise during all hours.

Window Film For Retail Locations

Window film is another popular window treatment option for retail locations that do not want to block visibility through their windows.

Window film is a thin, transparent piece of vinyl or polyester laminate that affixes directly to the window pane. They can be tinted or coated to prevent glare or UV rays. There are also other considerations for film such as blackout, graphics, anti-graffiti, or security options. Security window film consists of thicker layers that even help strengthen windows and prevent damage.

Window film is designed to enhance the window pane and is not intended to be decorative. Retail locations may prefer that their products are on display and not need any additional décor from window coverings in which case window film is an ideal choice.

Motorized window treatments are a perfect solution for commercial office spaces to provide optimal light control.

Window Treatments For Office Spaces

Windows are considered a luxury in office spaces. Natural sunlight is considered a mood enhancer and promotes a healthy work environment.

Too much light in certain circumstances does not always make a productive work environment. Light control is going to be the main goal of window treatments in office spaces.

Most businesses also want their workplace to have a sense of decorum and be visually appealing while not creating a distraction.

Window treatments are one of the best ways to add a sense of style to a space while also providing a functional solution for light control.

Shades For Office Spaces

Window shades are excellent options for light control and come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials, making them extremely versatile.

Whether dressing them up to make a statement, or keeping them subtle, shades are excellent additions to any space.

Depending on the material, shades can also add energy efficiency to a building. This can help to regulate temperatures and keep rooms at a comfortable temperature for an optimal working environment.

Now that smart building designs have been making an appearance, the Building Management System (BMS) can work in conjunction with the lights, shades and the HVAC in the building by utilizing built in timers and sun sensors. This is also a great option for any safety protocols that have been put into place.

Draperies For Office Spaces

Draperies are beautiful additions to any space. Depending on the type of atmosphere an office is trying to create, draperies or other soft window treatments might be the perfect addition, bringing a touch of comfort and elegance.

Draperies can be decorative or functional. Side panels are purely decorative and do not open or close. They add instant class and style to a window. Hanging them high and wide can also add a feeling of height to a room.

Functional draperies, such as traversing drapes will be able to open and close, providing light control and privacy when needed. They can also be utilized to hide equipment or act as screens and room separators.

Draperies add color and movement to a space. In commercial spaces, draperies add depth, warmth, and a sense of well-being to create an enjoyable work environment.

Motorized Window Treatments For Office Spaces

Window treatments that are easily operable throughout the course of the day are important for any office, work room, or conference room.

Having window treatments that can be opened and closed with the push of a button adds convenience and efficiency to the workplace. Having a motorized system in place that can support schedules that work with a BMS will also save the owner unnecessary costs on electricity being used in the space.

Remove glare or harsh light immediately by controlling all your windows with an automated system.

Motorized window treatments can also be programmed to open and close automatically, allowing light in during business hours and then adding security after hours.

Commercial window Treatments for restaurants should fit the style and personality of the establishment.

Window Treatment Solutions For Restaurants

Restaurants are commercial establishments that require window treatments that are functional and stylish. They must also be able to be easily cleaned and maintained.

The type of restaurant will be the determining factor of the window treatments needed. The direction of the windows will also decide what sort of light control is necessary.

The right window treatments can add to the style and atmosphere of the restaurant as well.

Roller Shades For Restaurants

Roller shades are a simple yet effective way to add functionality to any windows that need light control.

Restaurant spaces that have televisions may require roller shades to prevent harsh light or glare.

Roller shades can also be dressed up with top treatments or curtains to add a little more flair.

Printed Screens And Shades For Restaurants

Restaurants, bistros, and cafes are perfect establishments to utilize shades or screens with printed logos and branding.

Printed screens still allow some visibility through the material whereas shades are opaque. Both will still provide light control for the interior and the printed material advertises on the exterior. Printed screens and shades are a great way to add simple functionality.

Shutters For Restaurants

Shutters may not be the perfect choice for every restaurant, but for certain establishments shutters may be the perfect touch.

Shutters are beautiful and stylistic window treatments that add value and style to any window. For certain restaurants, shutters are just the right fit.

Shutters can be opened or closed individually as needed to allow visibility from the inside out as well as light control.

Draperies For Restaurants

Draperies are sometimes seen in restaurants to serve as room separators for special events or private parties.

The fabric used can be ordered and made to coordinate with furniture pieces or as decorative additions to the room.

Blinds For Restaurants

Blinds are another simple yet versatile window treatment option that are well suited for restaurants.

Blinds will offer light control and privacy that can be operated individually for each window.

Blinds come in a wide variety of colors, styles, and materials which allow for endless options.

They are also great window treatments to top with other treatments such as valances, cornices, or curtains.

Commercial window treatments for multi-unit dwellings should make the space feel like home.

Window Treatment Solutions For Multi-Unit Dwellings

Multiple unit dwellings require functional window treatments that make you feel at home.

Each individual dwelling unit may require functional window treatments to ensure privacy, energy efficiency, and temperature control. In some cases, the units may require multiple treatments to achieve that.

Entryways, lobby areas, recreational rooms, fitness rooms and other common areas may require certain window treatments for light control and privacy. Lighter, less bulky window treatments will make the space feel larger and more open.

These commercial spaces are meant to look and feel like residential spaces but on a larger scale. Finding window treatments that will make these places functional, efficient and feel like home is the primary goal.

Draperies For Multi-Unit Dwellings

Nothing makes a space feel like home more than draperies and curtains. These window treatments add softness and elegance to a room.

By hanging drapes high and wide, the sense of space is heightened as well, making smaller rooms look and feel larger.

Draperies and curtains that can open and close offer light control and privacy to windows while also helping with temperature control and energy efficiency.

Draperies and curtains are a great way to add to the aesthetics and functionality of multi-unit dwellings.

Vertical Blinds For Multi-Unit Dwellings

Vertical blinds are another great way to add a sense of height to a room. Vertical blinds are also some of the best window treatments for sliding glass doors are large picture windows that are longer than they are tall.

Vertical blinds run on a track and can be slid fully opened or fully closed. The hanging vanes can also be rotated to open or close, which provides different options for regulating the amount of natural light.

Vertical blinds are typically easy to clean and require little maintenance, which is ideal for this type of commercial space. They also pair nicely with top treatments when wanting a little more decorative style.

Horizontal Blinds For Multi-Unit Dwellings

Horizontal blinds are also easy to keep clean and require very little maintenance making them another great window treatment option for multi-unit dwellings.

Horizontal blinds are available in a wide variety of colors, materials, and slat sizes giving a multitude of possible choices.

Horizontal blinds provide different options of light control whether the slats are open or closed and whether the entire treatment is raised or lowered.

The simplistic style of horizontal blinds is a great foundation for adding other window treatments on top, providing endless possibilities to make each space individualized and personal.

Roller Shades For Multi-Unit Dwellings

Roller shades are another wonderful possibility for multi-unit dwellings because of their simplicity and low maintenance qualities.

Roller shades are a great base for any windows in a multi-unit dwelling and will provide light control and privacy, while allowing more decorative window treatment options to be added to create a unique style for each space.

Motorization For Multi-Unit Dwellings

Motorization is a great way to add convenience and efficiency to window treatments in a multi-unit dwelling while creating a sleek and uniformed look to a building.

Motorized window treatments can be programmed to open and close on a schedule which can increase energy efficiency and add a level of security.

Motorization instantly adds sophistication and class, taking commercial buildings, like multi-unit dwellings, to the next level.

Depending on the space, commercial window treatments for hotels will need to fulfill a variety of roles.

Window Treatment Solutions For Hotels

Hotels require window treatments that are durable and efficient while adding style and décor to the overall ambiance of the commercial space. Entryways, lobby areas, and other common areas as well as the rooms and suites should be designed to make the space more inviting and set high expectations as guests arrive and enter the space.

Window treatments must be functional to accommodate the wide range of needs that will arise. These window treatments also need to be easy to clean and relatively low maintenance.

For most areas of hospitality, layering window treatments is a great way to make sure the windows can function as needed while still looking beautifully put together.

Faux Wood Blinds For Hotels

Wood blinds add a look of sophistication and class, but the wood material can be more of a challenge to maintain. Faux wood blinds still look and feel like wood blinds without requiring the same special treatment. Faux wood blinds are incredibly durable and easy to clean as well.

Faux wood blinds have become increasingly popular with so many options to choose from, plus the ability to make them cordless and motorized.

Shutters For Hotels

Shutters are gorgeous additions to any hotel room, lobby, or gathering area. They are sometimes referred to as “furniture for your windows.”

Wood shutters are classic, but composite wood shutters and vinyl shutters are just as elegant and made from much more resilient materials. They are easier to clean and maintain than wood shutters.

Shutters create such a statement, they typically do not need much more decoration, however curtains, side panels, or top treatments can always be added for a little something more.

Roller Shades For Hotels

Roller shades are always a simple yet stylish solution for commercial spaces, and the same is true for hotels.

Roller shades are easy to keep clean, durable, and long lasting which is exactly what is needed for areas that see a high volume of traffic.

Roller shades come in a wide range of opacities from solar screens to opaque materials. With so many options of colors, patterns, and fabrics available, the choices are practically endless.

Roller shades are a great window treatment solution that add functionality and a sleek, modern style. For added decoration, a screen shade can be used in place of a traditional drape or sheer. The roller shade can also be used as a layered blackout option.

Draperies For Hotels

Hotels are meant to feel like a home away from home, and what better way to convey that feeling than with draperies.

Long side panels add grandeur to large windows. Traversing drapes provide light control and privacy. Multi-layered treatments add drama and sophistication and coordinating the fabrics creates a truly custom design.

With a multitude of fabrics, colors, and patterns, draperies and curtains have a wide array of options to choose from making them a wonderfully elegant addition to areas of hospitality.

Bedding And Pillows For Hotels

Soft window treatments are beautifully decorative and they can be custom made to match bedding and pillows as well!

All of the colors, patterns, and textures are also available for these unique accessories that can really make a hotel stand out from the rest.

Motorization For Hotels

Motorized window treatments are a fantastic addition for windows that are not easy to reach or are very large in scale. High, grandiose, or out of reach windows may still need light control, in which case, motorization is key.

Motorization can also be a great way to synchronize window treatments across a larger area. Hotels that utilize motorization can pre-program all of their shades to raise or lower at specific times, adding convenience and efficiency.

Commercial window treatments for schools should be simple and functional.

Window Treatment Solutions For Schools

Schools and areas for continued education are large commercial spaces that require certain types of window treatments.

Classrooms will require light control and temperature control throughout the different times of the year.

Some schools have theaters or auditoriums that will require stage curtains as well as black out shades for any exterior windows.

Windows throughout the hallways of the school may also require some sort of window film or shades to help prevent energy loss.

Horizontal Blinds For Schools

Horizontal blinds are a popular choice for classrooms and offices within a school because they will fit almost any size window and offer a range of functionality.

When opened, they provide an unobstructed view from the window. The slats can be opened while they are lowered to allow some light in and some visibility out. When lowered and closed, they provide complete privacy.

Horizontal blinds are durable and easy to maintain making them a great window treatment option for school classrooms and offices.

Roller Shades For Schools

Roller shades are another simple yet versatile option that can be made to fit almost any window. They are hassle free and easy to keep clean.

These are great additions to classrooms that need windows blocked for projectors or video presentations.

Some classrooms may also need to have blackout shades in order to prevent any light from entering.

Stage Drapes For Schools

Stage drapes are typically thick, heavy draperies designed to open and close across the front of a stage, as well as in the wings along the sides and the back to separate the stage from the backstage area. All stage drapes are designed from a combination of materials that makes them flame resistant.

Some of these drapes will need to be moveable, while some may be able to stay stationary. The rear drapes can be solid to serve as a backdrop or decorated as part of the set design. The side wings are traditionally black to be as inconspicuous as possible. The front drapes are designed to be luxurious and eye-catching.

You will often find large scale drapes in auditoriums as well. A great way to show off school spirit is by fabricating these draperies with the school colors or having them custom printed with the school mascot.

While stage drapes are primarily designed to serve a decorative purpose, they also assist in enhancing the acoustics of the space as well as the lighting effects.


Now that we have discussed some of the different types of window treatments most often used for commercial projects, you might find yourself checking out the window treatments of the different places you frequent.

Window treatments play an important role for both commercial and residential spaces and are designed to protect your investments. They add much needed light control, privacy, energy efficiency and aesthetics to all windows.

With so many wonderful window treatment options available, it can be a little overwhelming to know exactly where to get started.

Whether you are looking for commercial or residential window treatments, working with a Gotcha Covered Design Team Expert is the best way to take the first step. Their expertise will help get you started on the right path to finding the perfect window treatments to fit your needs, style, and budget. They can also show you some of the exciting new options for motorization and smart home systems.

Call us at (888) 650-6187 or schedule a free design consultation for your commercial or residential space. We are now offering virtual or in-person consultations.

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