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February 2016

Design Versatility With Interior Shutters

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Shutters come in a wide variety of materials, colors and styles. They are great at darkening rooms and offering plenty of privacy. This same ability to shield interior spaces against the brunt of daytime sunlight also makes them great window

coverings for energy‐efficiency. During the summer keep your window shutters closed from mid‐morning to sunset. Then, throw them and your windows open after sunset (or whenever moderate temperatures prevail) and you should see some relief in your monthly utility bills.

Interior window shutters can be customized to fit in any size or shape window. The most elaborately curved windows still need only extra measurements and custom‐ carved wood to match. In fact, for new construction, the versatility of shutters can specifically allow for you to play with unique window shapes. You should also be able to design your shutters for any number of decorating schemes.

Perhaps the most interesting trend regarding shutters is that the real‐estate industry has begun recognizing the value interior shutters add to a home. Home appraisers are likely to include shutters when evaluating a home‐ making them a real return on investment for owners.

If you'd like to see how shutters can add light control, heat control, beauty and value to your home, just give us a call and we'll be happy to explain all of the options available today!

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