Chapel Hill

Custom Blinds and Shades in Chapel Hill

Style-specific Window Treatments and More for Your Home


At Gotcha Covered of Durham and Chapel Hill, we work with you to update your rooms to the best design style suited for you. With a design consultant following your needs and style, we’ll create and install custom window treatments specifically for you. The right treatments can make or break a room, which is why having blinds or curtains that suit the room—and that you love—is one of the most important décor aspects a room can have.

If you already know your style, great! But if you need help, we are happy to assist. Our consultant will walk you through the design process and if you want to see your style ahead of time, we have a short quiz here you can take in the meantime!

If you’re feeling ready after taking the quiz, give us a call at (919) 629-9450 to schedule a consultation!

Our Process for Creating Your Dream Home

Our process is designed to be inclusive for you plus easy and budget-friendly. From start to finish, our steps are as follows:

  • Schedule – A free consultation, which you can schedule here, is how we kick off the process. You will be able to contact one of our consultants and start the next step.
  • Assessment – If you have taken the quiz, you might be one step ahead, but our consultant will walk you through the different designs so we understand your needs and style. At this point, you can tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll work everything out!
  • Prep – Once you have decided on a style and desires, our experts will walk you through our many options, from blinds to curtains to shades. Once we have the design, our professionals will then take the necessary steps to preparing your home by measuring everything.
  • Installation – The final step to your dream home! Our designers will take care of the installation to finalize the process.

Commercial Options

For businesses, Gotcha Covered of Durham and Chapel Hill offers many window treatment options like window film, shutters, and shades. Whether we’re working on hotels, office buildings, hospitals or restaurants, our experts provide the best options for your business space. We also offer a program for businesses that own buildings in multiple locations to ensure the consulted design is universal for all buildings within the organization.

Why You Should Design with Us

We work with the best design consultants to ensure the highest quality work. For all our blinds, shutters or shades, our professionals have the skills required to create your ideal window treatments. A set of blinds can dramatically change the way a room looks and feels, so choosing the right one is important.

To help bring the room together, we also offer custom bedding! If you’re in need of a mattress, comforter or just pillows, we can help with those as well. Consulting us for both bedding and windows is the absolute best way to make your room perfect for you.

We have one more resource to share if the quiz didn’t help—here is an idea gallery full of our design products that you can sort by room.

The consultation is free, so don’t waste any time! Call us at (919) 629-9450 to talk with a consultant at Gotcha Covered of Durham and Chapel Hill or click here to schedule!