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Meet The Team

  • Simon Salt
    Simon Salt Owner & Design Consultant

    Hailing from London, one of the world’s most fashion forward cities, he was captivated by the essence of style and capturing it through a lens.

    Simon embarked on a transformative journey from fashion photography to design consultancy for window treatments. With a lens trained on the runways, Simon spent years crafting visual narratives for fashion publications.

    Having called San Antonio home for the past five years, the city's vibrant culture has seeped into Simon's design ethos. Transitioning from capturing couture to curating living spaces, Simon channels a keen eye for aesthetics into creating custom window treatments that marry functionality with elegance.

    Beyond the realm of design, Simon shares a home with six feline companions. A bibliophile at heart, Simon finds solace in reading and draws inspiration from the written word for innovative design concepts. Painting, another passion, serves as a canvas for Simon's imagination to run wild.

    In a life that revolves around visual storytelling, Simon seamlessly fuses artistic pursuits with the practicality of design consultancy, leaving an indelible mark on the homes of his clients.