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Drapery & Curtains
Drapery & Curtains

Custom Drapery, Curtains & Panels in Sarasota

Choose the Perfect Look With Gotcha Covered of Sarasota

Drapes and curtains are a timeless, classic type of decoration that can add the perfect accent to any room. At Gotcha Covered of Sarasota, our Sarasota window treatments team can help you choose the perfect drapery and curtains to accentuate the beauty of your room and help you achieve the exact look you’re going for. We work with you and your budget to find the perfect solution for your home or office, all while staying on budget. We offer a massive selection of fabric options, including numerous styles and colors, and custom-create the perfect curtains and drapes to meet your needs and exceed your expectations of beauty and functionality.

Learn more about our custom curtains and drapery options by calling Gotcha Covered of Sarasota at (941) 203-1763 today.

Styles & Colors to Create Any Look

When it comes to the beauty and aesthetic appeal of your home, Gotcha Covered of Sarasota makes it our mission to find the perfect choice for you. We understand that you may have no idea where to start when it comes to looking for your blinds and window coverings, especially when you consider the size and scope of choices we offer in our catalogs. Our friendly design consultants can fix that—we come to your home and work with you to choose the perfect blinds and drapes for your home that work with your budget and get you the exact look you were going for.

Our drapery options include:

Gotcha Covered also offers a wide selection of drapery hardware, including curtain rods and mounting systems, so even the smallest details add subtle beauty to every room in your home or office. With hundreds of colors, textures, and patterns available, we’re sure we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for—and our design team will help you find it! Whether you’re looking for a classic, timeless design or a sleek, modern look, our catalog of stunning options has what you’re looking for.

Benefits of Drapes

Style: Drapes can add that custom touch to your home in Sarasota. Gotcha Covered of Sarasota is your destination to bringing your home to life and adding the style you want; the best thing is that it is all custom! No more worrying if they will be too long or having to measure for size as our experts will handle all of that for you.

Privacy: Privacy can play a huge role into choosing drapes. Since drapes are made of thicker fabrics and in dark colors this allows them to provide more privacy. This allows you to be able to adjust the amount of light and privacy you want to allow into the room.

Light Control: Drapes not only add a level of style but can also be a great way to control the light entering the room. Drapes can allow you to customize a room’s lighting scene depending on if you are watching a movie or just relaxing during the day. No matter the scene that you are trying to achieve drapes can be a good option to accomplish what you are looking for.

Contact Gotcha Covered of Sarasota now to get started with creating your perfect custom blinds, drapes, and panels today!

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